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Most times we ignore the little things we can do to focus on the big things we cannot do.


Little things go a long way; the Bible says he that is faithful in little will be faithful in more. 


Little things count on your journey to greatness. The way you handle little things is just the same way you’ll handle big things.


Achievers understand the mystery of little things, that’s why they pay rapt attention to them. More often than not, greatness is hidden in the things that don’t look it. 


A mustard seed is considered small but has the potential of becoming the biggest tree. A drop of water has the tendency of becoming an ocean through persistence. 


The same way, the little things we do have the tendency of bringing us to limelight provided we can be faithful and persistent in them. 


Successful people are those who do ordinary things in an extraordinary way. So don’t get so disturbed and depressed by the big things you can’t do yet. 


Don’t get worked up with the big things you cannot achieve when there are little things you can achieve.


Take a bold step today, make a decision to focus on the little things you can achieve then redirect the confidence you get from doing the little things to achieving the big things.


You’re an achiever; if you can do little things you can surely achieve big things.


_Always Remember:_

 “`The Universe awaits you!“` 

 “`The Multiverse is expectant!“` 

 “`The World needs you!“`



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