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My heart is broken. Shattered into million pieces never to be picked again for it is beyond repair. How stupid of me to think that love is for me.
Cried Patricia. Never would i have thought I would fall into the trap that I advised others to be careful of.
If only, oh if only I could turn back the hands of time and say no to that idiot that has broken. For I thought his smile was bright as the sun 🌞, but as they say no matter how enticing it looks you must always pay a price😔.
You may be wondering if I’m mad or have gone psycho? But no I am as sane as a man that eats his food with the correct cutleries. You see I’m not mad I am more smarter than you but stupid for I fell in love with Ernest.
Ernesto as I usually call him is any woman’s heart desires as he has all the physical qualities. Damn he is so so hot with captivating eyes that could drown a lady just by looking at him, with pink lips so full and enticing that could make a lady go high with just a kiss. All of these qualities I found in Ernest that made me fall for him. As they say many are called but few are chosen, and fortunately for me I was the chosen one as he asked me to date him. I was so happy as the Greek god picked me of all the girls in my school to date.
I became the talk of the Town and school as everyone wanted to befriend me to get close to my man. I was really enjoying the attention as Ernest made me feel loved, he showered me with pleasantries, gifts and many other things. With every single day I fell deeper for him, loving him with all I have and never wanting to let go. For he was my man and only mine.
With every single day our love kept on growing right up to our school prom where he asked me to be his date. I was so happy because it was a dream come true, I went home with a smile plastered on my face thinking of my love and planning my future.
My parents were shocked because I was always smiling which was very unlike me as I was an introvert. Father overlooked my change in behavior but mother didn’t as she was always trying to get me to open up. She kept on pestering me for months until I finally succumbed and told her. She was over the moon and screamed from joy thereby waking my father who was sleeping.
My father was happy for me but warned me to be careful, while mother on the other hand was planning my wedding when I was still in school. Funny right? To top it all, mother decided to sponsor my visit to the saloon and spa for a new look. As she says” I want your beauty to sweep Ernest off his feet that he can’t take his eyes and hands off you.”
Two days to the prom mother took me to buy my princess gown as she calls it, as she says Ernest is my knight in shining armor. Whenever she says it’s I instantly turn red. After few hours of searching we finally found the gown. Simple but elegant, not easily noticed but makes it self noticeable. After buying other necessities and paying we went home after all the stress of the day.
The days flew fast and the D day finally came where I got to go to my first prom with a boyfriend not just any boyfriend. After doing the necessary chores in the morning I took my bath and took a little nap only to be woken up by mom who was acting hyperactive like a child on sugar rush. Mom did my makeup pampering my face to make me look like a princess in my gown. When she was done I couldn’t believe the girl looking back at me,for I looked different and much more prettier.
Mom shared a few tears saying her baby girl had grown and decided to take pictures of me. By example 5:50 pm in the evening Ernest came to pick me up. He looked ravishing in his suit and looking at him made me feel jittery inside.
Both of us were dumbstruck as we couldn’t form a simple sentence . Mum was at the side watching us with interest but after minutes couldn’t hold it any longer and just had to spoil it all by taking a picture of us.
After which she pushed us outside commanding us to have fun. After leaving the house we got into the car and drove to the school hall where the prom was been held.
People were shocked to see as I looked different. Many came over to greet me and say nice things.
I was really enjoying my self until I noticed the behavior of Ernest who was called by his friend. I was really surprised by his character and decided to go and find out.
If only I knew I wouldn’t have gone cause as they say curiosity kills the cat and that exactly is what happened to me. After waiting for thirty minutes I went to look for Ernest who I found kissing the school’s slut Wendy. He was peppering her with kisses that I didn’t know exist.
I was shocked and stucked to a spot invisible to them. But I couldn’t stop looking as my mind was at the point of shutting down. I was confused thinking on what to do but I didn’t think for too long as his next statement finally broke my heart

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