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Taking care of family responsibility at a tender age

2 Mins read

My name is blessing , am 25 yrs old, I was born into an average Nigeria Christian family. The first
fruit out of 3 kids.My mum use to run a wine shop and my dad was a ware house manager until
things to a bad turn for all of us 3 yrs ago.

I was never born with a silver spoon but we were ok . My dad could provide for his family with
out any complain.I finished from the university 3yrs ago .I also have completed my nysc too.
My dad use to work in a very big company until when economy recession affected the company
and they sent all of them home.He was so depressed and had no earnings to fall back on .

He tried applying for other jobs but he wasn’t considered because age wasn’t on his side.He started
giving in to drinking and taking different women to suit his pleasure.He later met a Lady that
separated him from his family. My mom who also did not plan had nothing to offer. Feeding was
scarce, our three square meal to shorten to two then one later or we don’t eat at all.

I was employed at this times , I can not sit and watch my family go hungry, especially my
younger siblings so I left home for Lagos .Lagos was tough especially when you don’t have any
relatives to help you.

I was moving from one house to another just to place my head.within 6 month, I relocated to 4 places with help from friends.Employment on the other hand is a long story.

Going for one interview and passing fine from one table to the other non yield abortive .I started running some freelance jobs then every little money I make , I send it home .Sometimes Iget frustrated because I barely have enough to feed my self.

Most times , when I receive calls from home am always scared to pick it because I feel it’s one
complain or billing from my parents.Because I help with little things, my dad feels relax and
always say I have money to spare.

If my siblings complain about any financial thing it’s always ‘go and meet your sister Am really tired because have not even secured a good job at all It is believed that we kids owe our parents a lot, we should take care of them so that we can get
in bountiful fold but I don’t have and they don’t want to believe me.My age mates are still being
taken care of by their parents.

True life Story…………..



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