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Exquisite hypocrites!
Requisite Counterfeits!

Be you a nun or a none
Christian, nun Christlike

And the one with big heart
All over social media with big hat

And the one with promises
Well known for savages

And the one at the altar
Mocking my own altered

Even in my state
The only good I see is void-made

The people in the streets are so useless
But, useless is good if they were not harmless

They point fingers at my cut leg
Some rain abuses on mother’s head
The same I grew to know are philanthropists
Very hot online, they are devotionists

Amputated are my legs,
those robbers shot on the First.
Papa and I were having our usual play,
when these men broke in with shooting aids.
Amputated are my plans, those
killers took Papa’s life and gave me their ready-made life.

A life of
ugly publicity,
obscure limpidity.

The beautiful humans around
All na hypocrisy.

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