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Do you know i found out what you’re supposed to be doing with your life? Like… I’ve found your purpose!

For real… I mean, your own purpose. It’s funny, but i kid you not! I’ve discovered it. I know it sounds crazy, but believe me on this. It’ll literally liberate you..Note: this is not one of the regular stuffs you read about purpose oo. Wanna know? Then follow me..


For a while now, I’ve really been doing a lot of meditation and researches .. trying to figure out the real deal about life and purpose.. It’s really a big one for me because i faced alot when it comes to discovering purpose and i also know the confusion many people still face in this aspect — discovering purpose..


If you’d follow me closely and pay rapt attention to what I’m about to share, i promise you, it will liberate you forever! 

It’s a principle I’m working with personally.


Okay, enough of the talks, let’s dive into it already..

Do you know that, what we call purpose, is a broad word… and it’s all encompassing? Yeah, that’s true! It’s really a compound word because it depicts something way bigger than we can imagine.


Many folks have listened to tapes, read books, attended Conferences, met people, and done all sort of things.. all in search for their life’s purpose. After doing all that, many are still left in deep confusion regarding the subject matter — purpose. The search then seems endless.. and yet they kept hearing motivational speakers challenging them saying,

“…discover your purpose! Discover that thing you should be doing with your life!!!” And then it leaves them more frustrated and confused because they can’t seem to figure out what exactly they can be doing.


I think where the confusion stems from is the fact that we think purpose is just that “one thing” we should be doing with our life. Like.. if you can sing, God wants you to just be singing in this life.. or if you can write, maybe God wants you to be writing all your life.. 

But really, is that true?!! How can God call you to just be doing one thing your whole life, when he has given you myralds of potentials..


Think about this: Is your android just meant for making calls?? Or just for messaging and chatting alone? Those are just the functions of the phone, we can’t say the purpose of the Android is JUST to make calls or for chatting alone.. Nope, you won’t say that!




Nonetheless, the purpose of your phone is the aggregate of all its present and potential functions. Did you hear that?!!

Lemmi say it again… The purpose of your phone is the aggregate of both the present and the potential functions it is capable of! So it means when i combine all the functions together, that’s the purpose of the Android.


How does this then apply to your purpose in life.. Listen.. No one on earth is without potentials, talents, gifts of all sort. None is also without passions, desires, aspirations, and ambitions. All these are just the functions of any human, ..and when you put them together, they make up you purpose!


Now here’s is the thing: Like in the case of the Android illustration above.. I’ve come to the conclusion that, The purpose of your life is FOR YOU TO EXHIBIT THE HIGHEST AND TRUEST EXPRESSION OF YOURSELF by virtue of your talents, gifts, potentials, desires etc… That is, in whatever way you can best express yourself which would make you feel fulfilled and satisfied with your existence, then.. that’s what you’re meant to do for the rest of your life!!! It’s that’s simple!!!


Lemmi say it again so you’d get the full gist… WHAT YOU ARE CALLED TO DO IN LIFE IS TO EXHIBIT THE HIGHEST AND TRUEST EXPRESSION OF YOURSELF… Anything you can do, God wants you to do! He doesn’t want you to be limited in any way.. Don’t limit yourself too! You’re a bag full of limitless possibilities.. and God wants you to express yourself as best as you can! That’s God’s purpose for your life!!! 


Those who soar in life are those who have found a way to fully express themselves the best way they can! And that’s why some of them decided to start a company, own their private businesses, write books, sing, and all sort ..just because that’s the best way they can express themselves. And now we celebrate them.. 

You too can also choose to express yourself.. you’d save yourself a lot of confusion if you follow this. Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet…these guys are not special human beings… They are just as human as you are. They’ve only found a way around expressing themselves. You need to do what you can do to express the trueness of your existence..


So, what’s going to stop you now?!

Get over that confusion and make things happen with your life!

The sky is your starting point!

Let no one scam you with some religious uncertainties. You’re here to rule and to dominate!!! So get into the business of DOING JUST THAT! 

That’s your purpose.. Quit wandering.. Just live!!! Live as best as you can! Give us the highest and the truest expression of yourself! Simple!!! 





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