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This is a story I should have narrated long ago but, fear of condemnation has been holding me back. It took a lot of courage from my end to publish this so, please no harsh words from you. Anyways I am ready to face anything that come out of this. I just want others to learn from my story to prevent them from falling into this.

To my story, I had read from many persons on the online space and from books that having a mentor is a vital ingredient to achieving your dreams. I thought to myself “ it is high time I got a mentor”. So, I decided to opt for a man in my church. I decided to choose him because even before I asked for his mentorship he was already acting as one in my life. I just needed to make it official.

Bro T was a good mentor to me. I am trying so hard not to mention his name on the air. I can’t deny the fact that he was one of those that helped me in my career journey but, how he became a tormentor overnight still baffles me.

We spent a lot of times together discussing about ourselves. He was always willing to give his time. Even at night he calls so that I can share my thoughts with him. How I spent my day and how I plan spending the next day. This really helped me to set goals for myself daily. We got so close that I tell him almost everything. Sometimes, we even gist about his girlfriend. She was such a nice lady too.

Oneday, one thing led to another and I found myself in his arms, moaning in the delicious madness of my ectascy. We ate from the pot of the devil together. I became the chairman of the devil’s pot when addiction started to play its role. His house became my daily routine. I hated myself for what I do, I really wanted to halt it but the beast in me kept pushing me to the bed with him. The tormentor himself will always disagree and get vex whenever I brought the idea of us putting an end to the unheard secret. Poor me! I thought he was helping me so I couldn’t leave.

It’s not like I am justifying myself. I know I acted foolishly so you don’t need to tell me. This went on for about two years until he finally announced that he would be moving to the United States after his wedding. On hearing the news I was so devastated. I cried for days until I decided to face the reality of my foolishness. Off course he had the right to marry and move on with his life. He didn’t owe me anything. No, absolutely nothing! It wasn’t like he raped me. We both enjoyed it.

I learnt my lesson in a bitter way. Maybe, if we had not trespassed our conversation beyond the purpose of our relationship I would not have found myself in this mess. Moreover, even if I was naïve, Mr T should have been able to control the attraction between us na.



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