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Hi there and welcome to my Blog; I am so glad you stopped by 🙂

I hope you enjoy reading some of my materials. This blog is just a way to share some of my thoughts with the world. It really is a personal diary of my memory, thoughts and sometimes my innermost true feelings.

Why blog about it? I’ll tell you…

It all begun late one evening as I sat on my bed in the corner of my room, staring straight out into the wide open world. I couldnt help but start to wonder and ask myself questions. Questions such as “who am I?’ ‘What do I want? “why am I here? ”

So many questions and thoughts raced through my head that I began to feel that my small head could no longer contain the big thoughts that I was having… I made up my mind that night to start writing down my thoughts and lo and behold some of those thoughts are what I am sharing with you right now ….

I call it VIEW OF MY HEART THROUGH MY SOUL. We all have dreams while growing up knowing what we truly want. But along the way in life, I find myself questioning not just about who and what I truly want to be in life but also who am I?….hmmmmm. Just sounds like so many questions in just one question but if I am perfectly honest I truly wonder who i am. I am Kola Adisa; well that’s what I grew up being known as till date. Got other names but I had one called Iyanda which was given to me by my grandfather. I love the meaning of the name nut hated the locality of the name.

I am a simple, fun loving, caring person but also a naughty, smart and witty kind of guy.

Back to the questions that ponder in my heart, it’s about my belief, aspiration, goals, ideal life situations and the gist goes on… who am I?

What do I want? Hmm guess a part of me says I don’t want what I want but my other part says I do truly know what I want but as life would have it, it’s not truly working out the way I planned it.

I do have faith and know that I will still get and fulfil my purpose in life, even at times I wonder if it’s not getting late but I would love to touch souls but knowing it wasn’t my doing but of God.

I always had the belief that I pulled it up, I did it myself and can and will always do stuff by myself but with the wisdom God has given me and also about my knowledge I acquired both on the street and through education.

As I venture into a new chapter of my life, I am hoping and praying, believing and trusting that his will shall be done in my life. God has a purpose.

This diary is a journey into my personal life; it would be filled with true heartfelt stories. I am sure some might wonder why but it is a feeling and I do hope maybe from comments, advices, and discussions, maybe we will come across one or two things that make sense. I have no writing pattern but will just keep going as I am led.

Welcome to my world


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