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My name is Wasilah Ibrahim, I’m from Niger state and this is my story
I’m from the family of 7; we lived together with my parents and 5 siblings . our house was quite small that my sibling and I slept in the living room while my parents slept in the bedroom. My father Mallam ibrahim is a gate man in Abuja and he spent most of his days there , but on his off days , he’d come home . My mother on the other hand is a hair dresser in the area. We weren’t rich but we were contended . my parents trained us on how to be contended with with what we have and accepting thing the way they are. The recession in Nigeria really blew us so damn hard that it was really affecting us because my parents were low income earners . life was harder and what my parent earn wasn’t enough to take care of my siblings and I . I knew something drastic is going to happen to us soon if nothing was done about it. I was just hoping it wont have to involve me and my siblings suffering for it .One night, my mother woke me up and said she want to talk to me . she explained with the current financial situation at home, they couldn’t provide for us all. She told me they spoke to my aunty who lives in Abuja that knew of a family that is in need of an house help and they offered I go . my biggest fear was coming through and I was so scared . I didn’t want to leave but I had to. As if I had any choice at all. I started pleading with my mum. Begging her to let me stay , I will be helping her in the shop to get more customers and my sibling and I will be of a very good behavior.
“mama I’ll do anything to help, please I don’t want to leave” I said
But my parents decision was final.
The following day, my dad came home foe weekend as usual. I knew that was the last weekend I had with my family. He has come to take me with him like my mother had explained earlier . ii treasured every second with my siblings . I spent as much time with my mum as I could but it wasn’t enough. On the last night, my baby brother Imran asked if I was really leaving, I painfully said yes but I assured him I will be back for the holiday . he hugged me and we both cried ourselves to sleep. In the morning, I packed my bags and said goodbye to my family. My dad and I set on the journey to Abuja . he was met to drop me off in my aunts house then go back to work . whwn we arrived in Abuja I was so unhappy this was really happening to me .I realized that even though we will be in the same city, I wont be seeing my dad that often . we went to my aunts house . Aunty Rehanat welcomed us in
“welcome, welcome kai wasulah you’ve grown” she said
Her house was small for some one that living in Abuja . I use to think all houses in Abuja were big since its a big city and what I see I pictures and books too but I guess I was wrong. Before my dad left, he advise me
“ whatever they tell you to do , do it!if you behave yourself, you’ll enjoy.
My aunty chipped in and said “the people you are staying with are good people “, plus the reason why most girls don’t last is because they are stubborn” my dad said
An hour later, my dad took hos leave . I escorted him him outside and with tears in my eyes , I hugged and bid him good bye . he handed me a small phone and said , “only for emergencies or when you just miss us “ with that , he said good bye. I slept in my aunts house that night ,and the next morning, we left for my new home .on our way there,my Aunt warned me “ behave yourself and don’t go spreading legs” I didn’t what she was talking about but I just pretended that I understood her. ‘OK I said”
We arrived and at a very huge house and the moment I saw it, my eyes was filled with wonder , the house was beautiful and like the big ones I do see in magazines. The ones I could only dream and wish about having. We walked in and we were ushered to the living room by a lady who introduced her self as Aunty Siyamah . After some time and a little private meetings with my aunts, she led me upstairs and we sat to discuss my terms of employment. She was the madam of the house as she introduced herself. She will be doing the cooking and cleaning while mine is just to take care of her son Mohammend . Aunty Rehanat replied, ‘don’t worry she fits the job”. “so you will live in the bedroom down stairs” the lady said .
After the whole agreement processes,, my aunt decided to leave she advise me to behave myself. Living with Aunty Siyamah was great , My routine was to clean and make breakfast before she wakes up. On weekdays, I took her son to school with the help of the driver and also to pick him up too , plus I ate well and I had a room to myself which was totally different from my own home. After 6 month, I wonder why I never met her husband . he hardly comes home . later I learnt he was in the military and was deployed some where that was all I knew about day,she came home rejoicing . I asked her for the good news she said her husband was coming home . I was happy for her but curious to see who her husband was .A week later, he arrived and he was the exact opposite of Aunty Siyamah. He wasn’t friendly at all, frowns all the time and every other staffs are very scared of him . I greeted him when he arrived that day, he barely answers I knew I have to stay away from his part and mind my own business if I don’t want to get in trouble with him.he mostly goes out for meetings and other stuffs we don’t see him at home, the only time I do see him is when I want to serve him food or when he is out for his morning and evening jogs.
One day, Aunty Siyamah and her son were out Visiting Relatives, Baban Ahmed ordered me to serve his lunch. While I was setting his table , he asked for my name I answered . “ are you married? “ he asked
“no I’m 14 sir “. he just kept mute . when I was serving his food, I noticed he was stealing looks on my chest a nd checking me out . I felt so uncomfortable so I left hurriedly. I waited for him to leave before I came to clear the table. Later that day, while I was bathing Ahmed , his father walked into the bathroom and just stared . I all most tripped when I noticed it him. I just dragged Ahmed and dashed out as fast as I could. I want comfortable with him around so I avoid him as much as I could. I set his table early and clear it late . praying for him to leave soon because he was going to leave by the end of the week all so.Unfortunately, one night while Aunty Siyamah and Ahmed were away?, I was home cleaning the kitchen when I heard a knock on the door. I assumed they got back early. Went to open the door when I realize it was her husband staring at him and all smiles.he has never smiled at me before I was really scared . I tired runny away but there was no way out. He was at door this time very close I just managed to say “ please sir. I’m very sorry “ I pleaded but they all fell on dumb ears . his mind was made up . he pushed me to the floor and tried to yank my wrapper off.I attempted to escape but hew was too strong. He put his weight on me and I scratched his face . in response , he slapped me and when I lost my strength he had his way with me . After he finished , I cleaned up, went to my room and cried myself to sleep. The next morning while I was serving the family breakfast,Aunty Siyamah pointed to his face and asked what happened he lied that it was his friends cat that scratched his face. His wife wasn’t convinced but she didn’t say anything. The following days went in blur and I became a zombie. I did my duties but I wasn’t present. I was robbed of my sanity . I was just hoping for him to travel any time soon so that my life will be back to normal and be that cheerful girl that I use to be .I Learnt he had to cancel his trip . he always com to my room every night when every one is asleep to have his way with me and so whatever he pleased with me . it got to a time that I asked for the key of my room from my boss she didn’t give me . she didn’t see any reason why she should since we are all staying together and the room was inside the house not outside. I didn’t see the point of fighting anymore because he still wins any way .One night, he came to my room and I was on my period .I pleaded with him to let me finish . he still didn’t care . all he need was satisfaction and I was left to deal with the consequences . I thought of reporting to Aunty Siyamah but she wont believe me who would?spoke to my mum about it on the phone she said I should stay. Even she wasn’t happy about it but my Job help pay the family bills. I accepted my fate and when ever he comes I just let him have it. It got to a time I started suspecting him.
One night, while he was having the time of his life , his wife worked in on us . she screamed and dropped the glass in her hands . she came down for some water and she decided to check on me
“Habib so this is what you do ?every time you leave the room. I always think you re doing work instead I catch you sleeping with this girl” I felt sorry and ashamed but it wasn’t my fault.
The stupid man told her seduced him. With tears in her eyes she left the and didn’t say a word. He rushed after her while I sat there thinking of what to come. To my surprise , my boss didn’t bring it up . she didn’t do any thing at all.Instead of chasing me out of the house, she decided to make my life miserable . she beat me at any any given opportunity and accuses me of using witchcraft on her husband “shegiya, of course all these Niger people are are witches but you wont win”: I was like this in her house until when she discovered I was pregnant she didn’t want to accept the fact that it is for her husband she came up with a story that it was for the gate man which I deny . I tired to explain but she already know so she told me to get out .she called my Aunt to come pick me. Aunty Siyamah followed me out with my things and threw them on my face . she told us to get out and never to come back
Aunty Rehenat packed my thing and we left the house , when I got to my aunts house , she asked for my own side of the story I told her everything. “you should have told me , I would have gotten you out sooner” she said . we called my dad to discuss with him he said he want nothing to do with me that I was a disgrace to the family. Have being staying with my aunt ever since and I just gave birth to my baby girl. My aunt have being there to help and support us .Trying to pick up from where I left off and trying to make something meaningful out of it.

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