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Is it right to Split Financial Responsibilities in a Relationship?

3 Mins read

Just last weekend, at a hang out party with friends, there was an argument that just seems to make every one agitated. We couldn’t conclude on what is the right thing to do. The question was can you spill financial responsibilities with your spouse or boyfriend in a relationship?
The girls were all out asking why they should split financial responsibilities in a relationship. Most guys were like why not it’s the right thing to do. A lady among my peer stood up and said she doesn’t seem to mind the splitting of financial responsibilities in a relationship but the guy shouldn’t make it mandatory for her. It’s a man’s responsibility to take care of her, hers is to contribute if she wants to. If the guy forces her to spilt financial responsibilities or planning to. It’s a major turn off for her. Come to think of it, what id the use of being in a relationship which mo financial security? What is the use of claiming you love someone but can’t endure or contribute when the guy doesn’t have?
Splitting of financial responsibilities in a relationship has to do with the understanding each other needs and you know the other party actually doesn’t have to give not the one you think he or she is pretending. There are case scenarios where the lady gives and contributes to her guy financial freedom, then the guy and her peers feel she is a fool for helping a man that she loves. same with boys that don’t have any regard for ladies also see it as an advantage to exploit someone daughter. There isn’t any issue with splitting financial responsibilities in our relationship just do what is right for you. I have a friend who will never marry her boyfriend and never split financial responsibilities with him. On the other hand, I have a friend who does the vice versa. Personally, I used to be very adamant about splitting or combining financial responsibility with a guy. There is always this question of ‘what if’; what if we never end up getting married, what if he will take it for granted, what if am investing all my time and resources in the relationship but we not getting any vibe. With time, I noticed it’s about being responsible and supportive
There is this concept of feminism that people seems not to understand, you see a lady wanting to be treated like a queen, seen as an ambitious career lady, owning her money but when it comes to the aspect of splitting financial responsibilities, they chicken out saying, it’s the man’s job to take care of them while they contribute. I have seen cases of ladies that contribute but still ask their guys to pay back the money or demand for excess things. So to have a peaceful and drama less relationship, you can address your own money management skills and your major concern about splitting financial responsibilities before starting it. If you not cool with it, don’t bother stating it or pretending. If you on the other hand believe there should be spilt financial responsibilities in a relationship, let the other partner know. If he or she down, they will accept if not let them go to avoid unnecessary drama.
Talking it out with your partner is also very essential. Discuss your both concern and money can be managed. The way the person response or react will give you an idea about the kind of person you are dating. For those that are scared or adamant about spilling financial responsibilities, I think you should put everything out there if you are really committed to someone. No lies and indecisiveness. This is because maintaining a healthy and commuted relationship is hard already talk less of when you bring money into it. Money either weakens or strengthens the relationship depending on how each person handles the situation.
Overall, splitting financial responsibilities in a relationship depends on both parties and situation. Not the one you expect so much from some on and you are not ready to give back in the same way. Have heard ladies talk about the guys benefitting something from them already. So why contribute financially again. Don’t know why you will b in a relationship just to waste your time and leave most times. As a lady, form a habit of going on dates and splitting the bills. Let the other person respect you for that. A guy that is angry that a lady is splitting bills or paying for stuff has insecurity issues and they need to be closely looked into. If you have a solid foundation with your partner you both can even agree on how to manage your money, split financial responsibilities, and don’t see anything wrong with it. It can be a rewarding part of your relationship

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