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Trial Of Distance Relationship

2 Mins read

Relationships are very interesting , especially when you with the right person or you feel you are
with the right person.Sometimes,your heart flutter and there is thus soothing feeling you get
when you think about the person.when you are in a relationship you have to think about the
dark sides attached, to it too. Not everyone is perfect.Sometimes you can get bored of the
person or fall out of love.

My name is blessing .i have being in a two years relationship now,1 year together,1year apart .its
being a very crazy road . In a quest of wanting to settle down and being in a serious relationship
makes me put all with all the shit the relationship is robbing on my face . Here I am still nurturing
a relationship that I don’t know where it’s taking me. Don’t get me wrong,I love the dude alot
distance makes me get bored sometimes and end it all.As a fine girl that I am I always get
advances from male colleagues like every day.My sane mind keeps telling me what if I leave this
relationship for another and still not get what am looking for ?what is the other one will be worst
than this? So I stay put.

I met Obnna in my service year 2013 at Taraba state where I served, immediately we
clicked.There is just something about him that I couldn’t explain.He is this loving,charming and
rare guy that is just so different from the ones had dated. I was so in love with his personality
that I asked him out my self which is rare for a Nigerian girl.We started dating after camp and the
relationship extended through out my service year.After service we both went back to our state.
I went back to Lagos , he went back to portharcourt though we still keep in touch.

Reality do set in some times that I just want to end it all. I get lonely,paranoid and must
especially inter tribal barriers. He is Igbo and am Yoruba what if we were not met to be? What if
it will end in only relationship and not lead to marriage? Haven’t seen him in a year now. What if
he has another girl and he is just pretending. I feel lost most of the time.I already met a new guy
here Yoruba like me he is so ready to settle down but I don’t know if I should date him . My
major fear is what if this one is not who he seems? What if the other guy chances too then I lose
at both end.

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