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On Why People May Hate You For No Reason

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“She just hates me for no reason”.

You know, I hear this phrase a lot when it comes to a case of people hating people and they don’t know why.

Can you imagine, even the hater may say, “I don’t just know why I hate her. I just don’t like her for no reason.”

Come on, everything happens for a reason known or unknown. Our subconscious mind may harbour the reasons, and our conscious mind may be ignorant of it. Hatred and love are feelings triggered, they don’t come to play for “no reason”.

And, of course, there are times when the hater would know why such feeling of hatred is there, but would claim not to know. And in most cases the reason is quite unnatural or stupid — just like mine.

I won’t waste too much of your time, I’ll tell you what happened, but what is most important is that you learn, because, why should I tell you this story that many people would rather keep inside if not that I want you to learn?

I am a husband, I still am. I am a father to someone, a son to living parents, a brother to two guys and a girl. I am well respected and I am placed at a very heigh level, I am a look-up-to, if I have no other reason to respect myself, these reasons should be why. This is why I find it very difficult to misbehave. I understand that one of the most useless question is “what will people say?” But in my case, I really bother about what these above mentioned set of people would say when I want to indulge in something quite not morally acceptable.

My wife’s sister came to live with us after her WAEC. Although she wouldn’t stay too long, she was to go back soonest—she just needed a break before she started looking for jobs prior the time she’d gain admission into tertiary education.

I traveled at the time she came, I was representing our company in Brazil, so my wife, Bridget, only told me her sister was around. I never even kept that in my mind. I wasn’t looking forward to meeting anyone, I vaguely thought she would be gone even before I return from Brazil, since my wife had told me her sister won’t be staying long.

About two weeks after that information I retuned from Brazil, I was missing my family already, and if I could, I wouldn’t give report at the office before returning home.

I spent another three days in a hotel with my boss, who seldom come to Nigeria, and when all office work was all over, I was given a one week leave. I couldn’t be more happy.

I got home to meet my happy family, that was plus my wife’s sister. My first day of arrival was normal, as a matter of fact, there was nothing wrong with the girl. I didn’t pay the slightest attention to her, maybe. But in all, everything was blissful.

By morning, knowing there would be not too much to encumber my mind for a week straight, I just went to the kitchen to get something, and Sandra, my wife’s sister was there doing the chores.

Now listen, I can assure you I’ve been able to really get my head straight when it comes to cheating, or work had been too much I didn’t have time for frivolousness.

But now, there was no work, for a week, and standing in front of me was a lady largely endowed in the best parts possible in a woman’s body, (I know you know what I mean). Neatness freaks me, and was damn so clean. She wasn’t wearing anything short, but trust me, my brothers and sisters, I knew some how, my body craved for her that instant.

“Ah! good morning, Uncle,” she greeted me nicely and continued.

Then I grumbled back. I took water and drank, then looked at her again. On my way out, my mind just wrongly connected stuff together and I yelled at her. “Will you get done and get out of that place? Why are you so slow?” I said and just matched out.

From that day forward, there was this hatred I had for her, now, I won’t deceive you that I didn’t know what was wrong, I won’t tell you I hated her for no reason. I hated her just to subside that craving I had for her.

I shout at any little mistakes she made, and kept a long face when ever I see her. I maltreated her, if I had to be honest. I sent her errands and let her walk a long distance when I could easily give her transport fair. I’d give her works to do, like ironing my clothes even when she might be tired.

She became scared of me and always avoided me. She was always tensed during the week I was home, I knew what I did was wrong, she didn’t do anything to deserve all of that, more so, she didn’t create all her beautiful features for herself. But that was the only way I found to keep me from sinning against my wife.

It wasn’t good of me, but it prevented a lot, I might have gotten her pregnant, or anything worse.


Hope the lessons were clear enough?

Be good.

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