The Next Time I Catch You I Will Slash Your Manhood


The Next Time I Catch You I Will Slash Your Manhood

I know that header looks and sounds alarming, but that is exactly what I plan to do the next time I catch my husband with that whore down the road. They say a leopard will never change its spot, but not with me because I am going to make sure I put him where he truly belongs. He either stays within the limit our marital vows have placed us or he should be ready to have his manhood slashed by me; and I mean every word of it.

I have been married for 3 years now, and more than half of those years have been lived catching my husband sleeping with different kinds of women, with one that lives across the road the most frequent of them all. What is it about Daniel that he can’t seem to take his eyes of women? Why is it that every time we went out he was always in the habit of stealing glances at women? Sometimes I wonder if I am not cute enough because it is so difficult to imagine that a man who fought tooth and nail to win my heart would end up sleeping about.

Not quite long ago, I went to a salon on the island where I went to fix my hair; and guess who I saw? I saw my dear husband drive past the street where the salon is located with that same woman sitting by his side in the front seat. I didn’t even wait to ask myself if I was seeing properly before I asked the lady attending to my hair to excuse me for a second. I walked fast to see if I could locate exact place they were going; but I wasn’t that lucky because they already turned the corner. Nevertheless, I felt I had seen enough to convince me that it was Daniel and that whore that I saw.

Since I didn’t get the chance to trace their destination, I went straight home immediately after fixing my hair. I waited for him to come home, gave him his food, and even waited until we were both in bed before confronting him. He was shocked and initially denied he wasn’t the one I saw; but owned up to it as soon as I started raising my voice. He pleaded with me not to draw the attention of the neighbours because he knew how my temper could be when I am angry.

I didn’t cry though, but summoned enough strength and courage to tell him to his face that the next time I catch him with that woman or anyone for that matter I would slash his manhood. He looked at me in disbelief as I made that statement, and he was motionless for a couple of minutes before going straight to bed. We never said a word to each other again that night. For me, it was nothing but tears all night because Daniel has pushed me to a point where I had to threaten him.

I am really scared .I hope I don’t carry out my treat if he messes up again.God help me.


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