He Is No Longer Sexually Interested In Me-What Should I Do?


I know I need help, and that is why I am here on this blog; I would rather open up to the world so people who don’t know me personally can offer me piece of advice on what to do than to those who would take advantage of me. I am a down-to-heart person who believes in seeking help from strangers especially when it has to do with some private matters than to open up to a friend who may end up making fun of me.

Look I won’t hide anything from you; after all no one has a faint idea of my identity. My problem started when my husband caught me pants down in the hands of another man. Shameful as this is, we were able to iron things out and moved ahead with our usual marital activities except for the very intimate one like love making. Though, I am not in anyway trying to justify my reason for committing adultery, I just have to say that it was his coldness towards me that encouraged me into having a lover outside my marriage. He only wanted sex at specific time; and this could even be once or twice in a months.

Nevertheless, things have gone from bad to worse in our bedroom, and my husband has not touched me since the adultery issue, and it is torturous. It is almost a year since we had that issue, and nothing seems to have changed. He still eats my food, and carries out every other thing a man should do; but sex for him is no-no. What haven’t I done to settle the issue; nothing seems to move him anymore. He has practically turned me into a nonentity in the house, and I think it is not fair.

Someone advised me to buy some sexy underwear just to draw his attention; but all to no avail. The worst part of it is that he doesn’t even look at me no matter what I put on in the bedroom. I have had my ego as a woman badly bruised on so many occasions while trying to plead with him to finally forgive me. On several occasions I have been left on my knees by my husband; what else do I have to do to earn his total forgiveness? He still buys me things, takes me out, and crack jokes with me once in a while; but he simply doesn’t want to get down with me.

So that is my dark little secret; now I don’t even know  what I need to do to bring the smile back to my marriage once again.For how long can I also wait without messing up again  if he doesnt make love to me ?




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