First She Accused Me Of Giving Her STD, And Now She Is Also Accusing Me Of Being Unfaithful


First She Accused Me Of Giving Her STD, And Now She Is Also Accusing Me Of Being Unfaithful

It really hurts when someone you truly love and trust starts accusing you of not just being responsible for giving her sexually transmitted disease, but also goes ahead to accuse you of infidelity. That is exactly what describes the war or shall I say cold war that exists between my wife and I.

I was so bitter and embarrassed when Wonuola woke me up one night to accuse me of giving her sexually transmitted disease. She woke me up with her tears, and called me a pretender because she thought I have been sleeping around.

The problem started few weeks back when my company organized a seminar on birth control. We were given packs of condoms to take back home. The countenance of my wife was so shocking when I brought out the condom pack from my briefcase. She asked me what it was for, and I explained to her how my company had organised a seminar on birth control methods. Whether or not she believed me was not clear to me, but the truth of the matter was that my conscience was clear.

So that night when she woke me up with her tears, she had made reference to the condom pack and how she had contacted STD through me. She said her decision to keep quiet all the while was to be sure of the thought running through her mind. I was yet to recover from the shock when she also accused me of being unfaithful to her. Prior to that night, Wonuola and I have not had sex for a while. She had not only being avoiding me; she had also being giving me all kinds of excuses.

While she was saying all kinds of despicable words against me, I was busy taking my mind back to the discomfort I also felt during that period. I remember complaining of minor itches around my private part, and how I went to my doctor for treatment. Though, my doctor did not tell me specifically what the cause of the itching was; the drugs he gave me suggested that it was an infection.

I knew it was an infection quite alright, but I never doubted my wife in anyway. Why should I suspect her? So if I trusted her that much, why is she having problems trusting me? Why did she keep quiet all these while and not come out with it? I feel not only insulted, but betrayed; what if she was cheating on me?

We have been married for 6 years now, and not even while we were in courtship did I look at another woman’s face. So why would I want to cheat on her now? Things have gone so bad now because she is so convinced that I have a lover outside our marriage. She has moved out of our bedroom into the guest room.

I am so embarrassed and intimidated by the woman I love so much. I am not even interested in proving anything to her because I haven’t been unfaithful to her in the first place. As far as I am concerned, the marriage seems to have reached its dead-end; but she doesn’t see it that way. She wants to admit to something I didn’t do; and that means she wants an apology.

I don’t even know what next to do; but seriously I am fed up.



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