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Returnees Diary

Problems You Should Expect As A Returnee

5 Mins read

Problems You Should Expect As A Returnee

Returnees face a lot of challenges upon returning to the country; and though some of those problems have already been touched in this diary, there are several others that can’t just be ignored. This is not an attempt to scare you, but to paint a picture of things you are likely to experience as you gradually reintegrate back into the system.


Returnees would have to prepare their minds for this because Nigeria is one of the most under-developed countries of the world in terms of power supply. It is not like where you are coming from where things are almost perfect, and where there is hardly power failure.


Traffic situation in the country in Nigeria, Lagos in particular is one that may get you frustrated as a returnee. Though, not peculiar to a country like Nigeria, the fact that one could spend hours on end in major roads like the Apapa-Oshodi Express Way and the Ikorodu Road is an indication of how to prepare your mind as you settle down.

Bad Roads

This is also related to the traffic situation, and is also one of several known causes of traffic situation. A lot of roads in the country are in terrible conditions, which makes driving smoothly in the night almost impossible. As a returnee, one thing you should avoid is driving at ultra-high speed at nights in order to avoid crashes or accidents.Our roads are fast becoming death traps where cars dangerously skid to other lanes because of potholes. It is important to avoid driving at dangerously high speed at nights in order to avoid running into those potholes.

Inconsiderate Drivers

As a returnee, don’t expect people or other road users to treat you like a prince; expect to hear insults hulled at you in those frustrating Lagos traffic. This is not an attempt to scare you or paint the image of this country in black; rather it is an attempt to warn you ahead of some intolerant road users. As a returnee, you are likely to get bashed by drivers who know next to nothing about traffic regulations.

Noise And Environmental Pollution Caused By Generating Sets

Due to the erratic supply of power to citizens and industries, one of the things you will see at nights and even in the day time is generating sets. These generating sets are alternative means of generating power; and they are so noisy that a returnee may have problems getting used to them. The fumes coming out of the exhaust pipes are something to worry about because of the health implication.

Mosquitoes & Roaches

As a West African country that has a lot of rainfall during the year, one of the attendant effect is presence of mosquitoes and other insects. One of the things you must seriously prepare for is mosquito bites. Make sure you rent an apartment in an area that is always disinfected with insecticides. Make sure your windows are heavily guarded by WHO approved mosquito nets.

Police Extortion

You won’t find a policeman extorting or asking you for money in the United Kingdom, the United States, and a lot of other places; but that unfortunately is not the case with Nigeria. As a returnee, you have to prepare your mind because you will come across some corrupt policemen asking you for bribes even in daylight and along our roads. This is not right, but the country had since conceded that nothing can be done about it at least for now.

Persistent Police Harassments At Checkpoints

Another problem that is seriously threatening the image of this country is one of incessant police harassments on our roads. As a returnee, you will do well not to get into trouble with these people. Make sure you avoid any physical confrontation as this might get you into bigger trouble.

African Time (Not Keeping To Time)

As a returnee, one thing you should prepare your mind for is being disappointed when you have an appointment with someone. A situation where someone gets to the venue of a business meeting minutes or hours after the scheduled tie of appointment is called “African Time.” Be prepared to face a lot of these kinds of problems in your course of staying in this lovely country.

Being Treated With Levity By Service Providers

In Nigeria, we are used to begging for our rights; and that is why you must get used to lobbying sometimes in order to get what is legitimately yours. Service providers like the GSM networks are likely to treat you with disdain even when you are within your rights as a customer. This is also common to banks, electricity company, water corporation, etc.

Poor Internet Connection

In an ideal world, a country like Nigeria should be listed among countries with strong internet connections; but the reverse is the case. As a returnee, you are likely to be frustrated by the snail speed of our internet connections. There are some good internet service providers; but you should be prepared to pay very huge and frightening subscription charges.

Poor Communication Services

As a returnee, one of the problems you will certainly face is network congestion. You will face a lot of problems with communications, and reaching your business contacts on the mobile phone will be a herculean task especially during the peak hours of the day. Poor call clarity, and drop calls are regular features of our telecom services, so don’t be upset when you begin to face these problems.

News Of Corrupting In High Places Will Irritate You

Another problem you will face as a returnee is the massive corruption going on in high places. This type of news has now become a common feature in our daily lives, and you just have to prepare your mind for all these. People in certain offices are likely to ask for a tip just to help you get some things done.

Police Brutality

As someone coming from a country where the human right record is almost perfect to a country that treats her citizens with disrespect; it is expected that you will be frustrated. You come across men in uniform beating and assaulting civilians on the streets almost every you go out. This is a regular feature, and should give you cause to worry.

Oppression Of The Poor

This is another regular feature that you must prepare your mind to see every other day on our streets as a returnee. The middle class no longer exists, and this has to do with the way the country is being governed by the government. The poor hardly has a right to quality education and living because the rich seems to have taken up everything.

Excessive Heat

Nigeria is a land blessed with a lot of sunshine during the year; but one problem that a returnee is going to face is how to cope with the heat. So you have to prepare your mind for this in order to avoid hydration.


The list goes on, but will keep you updated from time to time or when I do remember some new ones. Also please feel free to send some if you do have some issues you faced as well. We would address the best way to go about avoiding or looking for solutions around the problems mentioned. For now stay blessed.


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