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Returnees Diary

9 “Must Do” Things Before Coming Home

4 Mins read

9  Must Do Things Before Coming Home

It is a great decision to return back home haven spent years sojourning or seeking greener pasture; but have you asked yourself a couple of questions?

Thinking through the process of returning home can actually be a blessing because it will help you to prepare very well. It will enable you to think through things that need to be in place, set goals, and ensure those goals are pursued vigorously.

Take Time To Examine Some Lessons Learnt

Taking time to examine some of the lessons learnt while your stay lasted will enable you prepare for the inevitable, and give you the inner will required when days of trouble start coming at you. The entire experience gained or gathered abroad will definitely change your thought process, and put your culture in perspective. The good thing about this is that it will enable you to share all you have learnt with people back home as long as they express enough interest.

In other words, you will be able to appreciate or understand how everything you have learnt will benefit people back home in the long run. It is always a wonderful opportunity that should not be missed because it could be of great benefit to your immediate and extended environment at large.

Make Enough Enquiries

One thing a returnee should never forget to do while abroad is make enough enquiries about happenings back home. It is important to stay connected to people back home so you won’t feel lost when you eventually go back home. Make enough effort to learn about developments not just from the media, but by asking directly from friends and family members back home.

Ask Questions

You can ask questions that cover a variety of topics and issues such as the economy, the political situation, infrastructural situations, and security. Make direct contacts with returnees who arrived earlier; take time out to find out what they went through and how they were able to sail through.

Take the time to think about ways to serve your own people and country with what you have been able to learn abroad. Most likely, some aspects of life back home might be able to change, but as a returnee, you might not have any control over other things. The returnee should stay positive and humble, and be focus on making the most of the people and opportunities around him.

Start Preparation Early

It is important to start making early preparations in order to avoid hiccups; at least your preparation should start about 4 months right before your departure. Don’t ever underestimate the impact the return process would costs you as this could be counterproductive. The longer you stayed outside the shores of your country, the more difficult it is going to be when it comes to adjusting or reintegrating back.

Leaving the country to a different one requires a lot of hard work and planning. It is quite different from moving or relocating from one state or city to another; and that is why you need to plan very well. Don’t wait until a couple of weeks to your departure before making plans. Working things out months before the time of departure will save you’re a lot of stress, pain, and pressure.

Plan Ahead

Like I said earlier, long-term planning ensures you have a smooth sail back home. This is even more imperative for all returnees that have stayed for a number of years in another country. Contrary to expectations of many people, the process is long, stressful, and can be tiring. Changes definitely have taken place since you left, and that is why your planning must be well carried out.

Take Stock Of Your Financial Obligations

One thing you should do as soon as your plan starts coming together is to take stock of your financial obligations. You should start the process of blancing  your accounts,paying up credits cards , paying up your bills  and making plans on how much you want to spend on certain things both immediate and in the future. Please note that you need to deal with all outstanding bills, and ensure you don’t leave any problem behind as you plan to leave.Work out monthly expenses , and also set aside some money for rainy days ahead  .Do have an estimated budget and stick to it and try to spend wisely once on ground back home..

Don’t Forget To say Your Goodbyes 

The longer you have stayed abroad also means you probably have a long list of friends you have to say goodbye to as soon as you start making plans to return to Nigeria. Be sure not to leave your nice speeches and goodbyes until the last few weeks or days of your departure. Make sure you have plans in place to dine out and have some lunch with your friends and those in your social circle.

You may choose to leave some of the friends that have been around with you for a long time with memories that will last a lifetime. The earlier you start saving contacts information of your friends; the better it is because this ensures you never leave out any important detail. You should probably get a contact book  or good mobile phone that will enable you take down information that includes names, email, and telephone numbers of your friends.Always a good idea to keep tag  of friends you would be leaving behind.

Be Emotionally Prepared

This one is about talking to those who have been through similar experience in the past. Talk to some of your friends that have returned home, and try finding out what they went through and how they were able to overcome their emotional challenges. I am sure they will be willing to help you out, and that is why it is important to start planning as soon as possible; like I said, at least 4 months until you finally say goodbye. People who have been through similar experiences in the past are the exact ones to help you see and approach things in the bigger picture; and it is important to stay close to them.

A lot of returnees that have returned to Nigeria in the past have to struggle with pressure especially as they feel the need to impress. They feel a lot of pressure, and that didn’t help them settle down just the way they wanted to.

Prepare Your Mind

Do not expect things to work exactly the same way you left them years ago; you should rather prepare your mind for anything that might come up eventually. So like I said earlier, start talking to people back home so you can learn about all the things that have recently happened so you can know what to expect.

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