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Unanswered Questions

Is Living Together With Your Partner Before Marriage A Great Idea?

1 Mins read

Is Living Together With Your Partner Before Marriage A Great Idea?

Though, some religious organizations and traditions frown at intending couples living together before marriage some don’t see anything wrong in it. As a matter of fact, some have come to see it as the best opportunity for couples to get to know each other before getting married. This according to some school of thoughts will enable partners to get to know each other before finally tying the knot. Different strokes for different folks one is tempted to say; but is living together with your partner before marriage a great idea?

Society frowns at it because it begs a lot of moral questions; but is anything really wrong with it? Does it portend any danger to either of the partners now or sometime in the future? Does it affect the way the man views his partner?

What are the dangers of living together before marriage? What are the benefits? Does it allow for bonding between couples as some have claimed? Does it have any religious or traditional implication for either couple?

To the female, does it affect how she is viewed and rated by her groom to be? What is your take on this and several other questions that have been raised in the last few minutes?


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