Should Parents Influence Their Child’s Choice Of A Partner?


Should Parents Influence Their Child’s Choice Of A Partner?

Most parents find it difficult to trust their children with certain decisions, especially when it has to do with choosing a future partner or who to get married to. Some parents can’t seem to trust their children with the simplest of decisions including choice of university, choice of what to study in the ivory tower, and choice of what to wear sometimes (lol). Sad or funny as this may be, it is the truth, and what a lot of youths are going true these days.

Come to think of it, some parents do these things because they want to offer the best protection for their children; but is it an ideal situation?

Should parents influence their child’s choice of a partner? Is it not taking matters too far? Should a child be allowed to make such an important decision as regards getting married? What is wrong in parents pointing the “right” direction for a child to follow? When is a child matured enough to take such a decision as to who to get married to?

Are parents who insist on a particular future partner for their son or daughter not taking things too far?


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