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If Your Partner Had A Second Chance, Would He/she Choose You Again?

1 Mins read

If Your Partner Had A Second Chance, Would He/she Choose you Again?

Deep in your heart, has it not occurred to you that you could have made a different choice of a partner? Giving the circumstance you are facing at the moment and the way your partner has viewed you all these years, do you think he or she wouldn’t hesitate before choosing you?

What makes you so special that your partner would choose you over and over again? What are those special attributes of yours that give you so much confidence? Do you think another woman or man doesn’t stand a chance against you in to see who would win the heart of your spouse?

Why do you think you are different? What do you have or what special qualities do you possess that makes you stand out still? Do you think he won’t pass on the opportunity to date or propose to you if there is anything like a second chance?

Are your physical appearances and beautiful looks enough to sway decisions your way? Perhaps, you are not so confident of what you can offer him a second time; what are those qualities you have lost over the years that won’t give you the same advantage as the first time?



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