I Slept With Her So Many Times Without Knowing She Was My Cousin


I Slept With Her So Many Times  Without Knowing She Was My Cousin 

If I knew Fadeke was my cousin when I was sleeping with her those days I wouldn’t have done it.

The above statement summarises the exact condition I now find myself because of my insatiable passion for sleeping with innocent teenagers.

Fadeke was a young innocent girl that was brought to my parents so she could go continue her education. Her parents died while they were coming back from a trip some few years back. She was already in her first year in the secondary school at that time; but was also a bit more matured for her age.

I was away in the university at the time they brought her to live with us; so there was no way I could know all her details at the time I got back. Moreover, my parents were on their usual trip to the United Kingdom, so nobody besides the housemaids and gateman was around to tell me who she was. When my dad called, he only told me he would explain all there is to know about Fadeke when he returns from his vacation. So, she was just one of those girls who came to stay with us, and benefit from my parent’s magnanimity.

Talking about magnanimity, quite a number of young boys and girls had lived in our house before; and none was actually related to my parents. So it was safe to assume that Fadeke was one of such people; and that to me was a welcome development since it would give me an opportunity to enjoy free sex as I did to others in the past.

I won’t go into details of the first time I forcefully had sex with her because it reminds me of how cruel my heart is. My parents only spent 23 days in the UK, and I practically slept with the innocent young girl for close to 15 of those days. At a point, she stopped fighting with me, and would quietly submit her body to me. I wouldn’t know why, but it could be because of the gifts I always bought for her just to soften her resolve.

Imagine the bombshell when my parents got back and introduced Fadeke as my cousin. Fadeke is the child of my dad’s younger brother who died in the accident I told you about from the start.

I have since returned to school, but the pain and memories of how I ravaged my young little cousin after spending three weeks or so at home have continued to hunt me until today. What if she opens up? What if she reports me to my parents? What if she is even pregnant? Would I be able to deny it; after all, some of the housemaids saw her coming out of my rooms on many occasions.

I am finished because what I have done is a taboo, and is unheard of in my family. Though, she was not the first underage girl I had sex with; but her case was different because she is my cousin.



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