Am I Just Being Jealous Or Is This Reality?


Am I Just Being Jealous Or Is This Reality?

Can men really sustain the love they have for you especially after birth? Dear readers, I am new here, and this is the first time I am opening up on a blog like this. The idea of coming to a blog like this to tell my story was not really appealing at first, but seeing and hearing people say some nice things after being able to open up really encouraged me. I guess one of the most important ways to solve problems these days is to open up so others could learn from your experience and also share their experience with you.

Celestine and I were not so lucky to have a baby the first few years after we got married. I t really took us time, but to God be the glory because we are now blessed with a pretty little girl who will be 8 years old in August. Though, Celestine and I spent the 3 years waiting for our first child, this didn’t affect the love we both had for each other. We stood by each other, and fought through the pressure that came from both sides of our families. The joy of having a baby in the house knew no bound when Simisoluwa our daughter was born.

My husband loves Simisoluwa a lot, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, the problem is that he seems to be taking his love and care too far these days. I don’t really know if I am being consumed by jealousy, and if it is even right to be jealous of my daughter in the first place. Things have really changed around the house these days because Celestine seems to be more interested in spending the evenings with our daughter all alone. He takes her out every evening as soon as he gets back from work, and also on weekends.

Things have become so funny and frustrating that Simisoluwa hardly sleeps in her room again. He sleeps in between my husband and I, and it is almost impossible to make love when my daughter is in the room. I have complained about this several times, but my husband keeps insisting that it is important to keep our daughter as close as possible to us. Like I said earlier, there is nothing wrong in showing love to our only child, but this should not always be taken to the extreme. How can we be waking up in the middle of the night to have sex in the sitting room just to avoid our daughter seeing us?

I hope I am not being jealous of my little daughter; but it does look like my husband has transferred all the love he once had for me to Simisoluwa. I want someone to tell me if what my husband is doing is normal. I want someone to tell me how to resolve this issue because it is eating deep into my soul.

I have a very happy family, but what is happening is capable of ruining the happiness we have been enjoying. Perhaps, another baby would change the whole scenario, but that appears to be taken a long time in coming. It is almost 8 years since we had Simisoluwa, and no sign of another one.



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