How Do I Tell Him That I Built A House Without Telling Him?


 How Do I Tell Him That I Built A House Without Telling Him?

Dear readers, it is abundantly clear that I have done or committed one of the most abominable things a woman can do in marriage. Mine is not a case of a woman who brought home another man into my matrimonial home; but one that hid something as big as a house from my husband.

Raphael and I have been having some minor issues right from the first week he lost his job. Before then, things were not that smooth because my husband is the kind of man who finds it hard to carry out some of his basic duties as a man of the house. Though, his salary at that time was very poor, it was not an excuse for Raphael to deny the family some basic things like clothes and shoes for the kids at Christmas, chicken at Easter, and textbooks for school. He was always playing pools and lotto, which were some of the problems that plagued our first few years as married couples.

Loosing his job wasn’t much of a pain to me because most of the responsibilities at home fell on my shoulder. Though, it didn’t make much difference to the kids and I; it was the last thing we wished or prayed for. Gradually, Raphael became agitated, and started transferring aggression to the rest of us; and it was terrible during the first few months he became jobless.

During those periods, I was able to double up my efforts in my salon. I got involved in a couple of other businesses just to add to what I was already doing. The first mistake I made as a woman who was not getting support from her husband was to seek advice from some of my friends. I was so naive that I was deceived into dating a couple of rich men so I could raise enough money to expand my business.

Luckily, I was also able to raise a lot of money, and in the process I bought a piece of land. I thought of telling Raphael at that time, but my friends asked me not to because he would suspect me of adultery. Two years after buying the piece of land, I was able to complete a bungalow. I am so scared because my husband may sooner or latter find out the truth and that will be the end of my marriage.

These days, Raphael seems more suspicious than he used to be; and the fact that the secret is also known to my friends doesn’t make me feel comfortable. I feel obligated to do whatever my friends ask me to because I don’t want to have issues with them.

How do I tell my husband that I have built a house? How do I go about it? How do I convince Raphael that the money I used in building my house is not from anywhere else but from the salon?

I have acknowledged my foolishness, but how do I restitute without incurring the wrath of Raphael?



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