I Just Found Out That My Wife Has A 13 Year Old Daughter


I Just Found Out That My Wife Has A 13 Year Old Daughter

My wife has a 13 year old daughter, but never told me about her while we were dating. I didn’t know that the little girl she always calls her cousin is actually her daughter.

Tope and I dated for many years before we finally got married few years ago. Her openness and sincerity were the two reasons why I married her in the first place; but that is down the drain now as I just discovered that she has a 13 year old daughter.

Everyone has a past, and there is no crime if you choose to keep it away from your spouse, but the truth is that you can’t keep all secrets away. There are some things you simply cannot keep away due to the fact that it could damage your home. Keeping any secret that has to do with a baby you had while still in secondary school can be very challenging, and can be damaging to your relationship. That is what Tope is doing to our marriage, and I need to act fast so she won’t think I am a fool for her.

I found out through a childhood friend of hers not quite long ago, and it hurts me to know that she is still keeping it away from me. The story of how she got pregnant while in college has also been confirmed by a couple of other people. Though, I would have loved to give her the benefit of the doubt, the evidence at my disposal are just too weighty to overlook.

I have kept quiet all these while because I want her to open up; but it doesn’t look like she is going to do that. It’s bad enough for her not to open up before marriage, and it’s even worse to keep quiet all these while.

I have heard it from various sources, but not her. My decision not to confront her yet has nothing to do with being a coward, but just trying to give her an opportunity to come clean. Though, we were told not to listen to outside talks during our marriage counselling classes, this one is too heavy to ignore. I just can’t keep it to myself anymore. The thought of how this will affect our marriage worries me, but it looks like I may have to settle things before someone in my family finds out about it.

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