He Turned Me Into A Punching Bag As Soon As He Lost His Job


He Turned Me Into A Punching Bag As Soon As He Lost His Job

This marriage thing is no longer working for me as my husband has practically turned me into a punching bag where he visit his anger and frustration. I am not the cause of his problem, so it baffles me why I should always be at the receiving end of his frustration.

Since my Tade lost his job, things between us have stopped moving smoothly. I have been at the receiving end of his frustration and anger; making it look like I am responsible for the misfortune that has befallen him.

He was always beating me up, while accusing me of infidelity whenever I got back late from work. Years after losing his job, nothing changed as he was unable to get over the pain that came with it. Since I couldn’t cope with the mental and physical torture he subjected me to, I had to seek for divorce.

Though, we have both gone our separate ways, while my parents welcomed my son and I back with open arms; I am still battling hard to move on with the rest of my life. I need someone who has been through divorce to help me out as things are not exactly as easy as I thought they would be.

It has been tough because the emotional pain is gradually killing me. My career is badly affected, and I feel like I am the worst sinner in the church as I always feel this sense of guilt all over me. I feel like everyone has deserted me as my friends and colleagues offer nothing helpful in terms of advice, and this has really made me stagnant.

I feel this urge to end it all, but again the sight and thought of my son gives me courage to hold on; but for how long. I never thought divorce could be this traumatic. I thought it was the beginning of freedom and greater things; but I guess I am wrong as life has been a living hell.

Next month would have been my wedding anniversary, but that has become a mirage as it will never be a reality. Tade’s family have been hostile towards me as well; accusing me of bringing misfortune to their son. They accused me of all kinds of things while I was still married to their son, and now they still won’t let me be even after divorce.

Please someone should tell me what to do as I am losing my sanity.


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