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Why Do People See The Obvious Signs And Still Go Ahead To Get Married?

1 Mins read

Why Do People See The Obvious Signs And Still Go Ahead To Get Married?

An African proverb says that no one tests the depth of a river with both feet. Is it right to go ahead with a wedding plan when their obvious signs things won’t work out as planned? If there are obvious sings that your marriage was headed for crisis should you go ahead to marry a particular man or woman, would you ignore those signs?

The truth is that these things happen around us every day, and they are obviously not new. According to some people, a case of two individuals with contrasting genotype is a recipe for at least one or two unhealthy child or children as the case may be. So would you out of love or wisdom go ahead with such an arrangement with warning signs?

It amazes me when I hear people talk about issues or habits about their partners that they noticed before they got married and  later on it became a major problem after  the honeymood period was over.

Do people go into such relationships hoping he or she would change once they get married or probably feel they can change the person with time? Do people change  that easily or give up old habits overnight?

Love is all that matters in a relationship; but should we be blinded by sentiments and emotions to the detriment of our happiness and good health in the future? Most times, couples are so madly in love and heads over hills with each other that certain warnings are ignored; is this right?

So would you ignore those obvious signs for the sake of ‘love’ and still go ahead to get married?


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