You are a female. So?
Who says you are not entitled to fulfill the calling of God upon your life?
Which rules states that only the men should fulfill God’s purpose in life?

Some of you have been made to believe that no man will marry a lady that is ambitious and that is why you are living a mediocrity life. You just want to live, get married and born children.

See, a good man who truly knows God will not be afraid to see his woman fulfill her life dreams and purpose. He will only support you. When you are out there for a speaking engagement. He volunteers to stay at home with the kids. The problem is some of you have not met a God fearing man. That when he tries to disrupt your fulfillment the Holy Spirit will deal with him and he will come back to say “babe I am sorry. I was ignorant. God says you must fulfill your calling too. So let’s plan how to balance our career with the home.”

Balancing is the key!

That’s how some men will be looking for one small girl that doesn’t even know what she wants yet. So that they can be tuning her around like they want in the name of submission. God is watching you, uncle.

They will now turn her to Iya Bisi oni biscuits (Mummy Bisi the biscuits seller) when she eventually say she is tired of sitting at home.

Ladies, never settle for less. Only an insecure man will be scared of letting his woman live a fulfilled life and you shouldn’t go for a man like that. If you end up with such man you might end up doom.

Dear young men, understand that the best way to make a woman submit to you is not stopping her from living her desired life and fulfilling God’s mandate upon her life. Love and respect her and watch her subject to you. Have you ever wondered what the scriptures mean when it says

“Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing and

“Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it”

Have you ever wondered how the church was able to subject to Christ?

It is so simple. Christ loved us first and then we followed suit by submitting. He became selfless for our sake before we submit unto him. Christ led us into submission by loving us unconditionally. We had no choice than to follow him in great submission.

So, before you say she won’t submit, become selfless. Before you say she isn’t submitting, do you respect and show love to her?
The problem is that most of you guys are waiting for the lady to submit before you love. Whereas, the reverse is the case. Ladies follow you as you lead them.

Real men hold their women’s hand to the top. They support her in all ways till she is fulfilled. We are meant to be supporters for each other.

If you still think an ambitious woman will never submit. Ask men whose wife are no dream chasers or kitchen woman and still didn’t submit. Then you will know that it takes more than being a no dream woman to submit.




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