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Dear single ladies,

When you are in love with a guy and he doesn’t seems to love you in return. Please be calm. See, even if you have received confirmation from God that he is the right one for you please still maintain your patience. Sometimes the lady gets the confirmation first but that doesn’t mean you should start jumping up and down acting desperately to make him to like you.

For some of us this is when the fruit of the spirit “patience” is being tested in us. For every true son of God, we have the fruit of patience deposited in us and it must show forth.

Some ladies have been used by men because the guy saw the desperation in them and he took advantage of it. Some of you will even go ahead and approach the guy yourself. That’s nonsense. Please let the man do what he ought to do. It is his duty to find a wife. Never be desperate to get a man and never be in a haste to make God show him what he has shown you. Haste is when we try to access God’s promise for us outside is timing. Patience will do a lot here.

You should understand that not all love would be reciprocated and because you love him doesn’t mean he is right for you. That’s why I always say that in choosing a life partner, emotions shouldn’t rule over you. Don’t destroy the plan of God for your life with haste and impatient. Receive wisdom!



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