Would you like to actually achieve more while doing less? Here’s how– LEVERAGE

Leveraging is simply the act of Using Capacities and resources other than that of the user to achieve high levels of productivity. Now that’s my definition but if you examine the definition of other authors, you will discover a consistent fact. Everyone leveraging uses capacity other than their own.

Leveraging is a great way to achieve high level of productivity and success; In fact no one has ever achieved success without leveraging. Bring all the men on the Forbes list of world’s Richest and you will find one common thing, They All Leveraged! Leveraging is no secret, it is a principle you must understand and use so well if you want to be successful in your business and life.

If you are planning to increase your productivity, then you are thinking leveraging, If you are planning to double your income you are thinking leveraging. It’s almost as if Leveraging is the real secret behind success. You can leverage on anything, from experience, to people, Money and even Bad times. So far it can add more value to your cause, Leverage on it.

Now you might be thinking leveraging is for the elites and people who can afford it, or it’s too complex to understand. You are wrong, it’s simple. You just have to follow these 3 principles.

This is the starting point of all, have a clear cut goal. Set a goal that you want to achieve, don’t be scared to make it big, Make it big. That’s the idea. Leveraging requires you to know exactly why you need to; to know why and how you must set a Clear Goal. It doesn’t matter if you can’t achieve it based on your current capacity, what matters are that the goal is ready and achievable.

2. Use Other People
Strange, Unethical? Wait till you’ve heard it all. God created this world in such a way that we all depend on each other and need each other to grow. Someone you don’t know and will probably never meet can contribute vastly to your growth. That’s the beauty of Life. In order to grow you need other people. This principle is in three part let’s take them after another.

• OPM.
I know you need funds to achieve that goal; you need money to get those things done, funds that are above your capacity now. So what do you do?

Use OPM. Using other people’s money can be as advantageous as you get the fund to start the business and have a sense of responsibility towards the original owners of the funds. That way you will be shrewd with the money and invest wisely. You can get access to other people’s money through borrowing, joint holdings, Partnerships, selling of ideas to investors etc.

Using OPM is using resource other than yours to get what you want. Ever wonder why large corporations have more shareholders now than their inception? Using OPM is easier and not something new.

You can also leverage on other people’s experience, It’s so important that you are proficient in the field before you set out to achieve that goal, if you are not. You will make some common and silly mistakes and slow yourself down. Leverage on other people experience by learning from specialists in the field, Learn from the masters, Read books on the field, interview the pros let their experience guide you.

If you are thinking of running a business or opening a factory, or even setting up a retail point, you obviously can’t do it on your own. You need help; employ people to get things done for you. Remember big entrepreneurs like Dr Aliko Dangote. You can’t be the accountant, CEO, Receptionist and Media Person at the same time, you need help. Leverage on other people’s Skills.

The world is a global market already; there are devices for almost everything, leverage on devices too. Use devices to improve your work rate, save time and energy. Stop living in the age old world. Come to this century. Leverage on Platforms and devices to sell your products, grow your ideas and so on. Connect with others.

These are the fundamentals of leveraging, start your journey of leveraging today.


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