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I am yet to find a man in the scripture that God gave a wife when he has not discovered what he wants to do. Become so busy with your life until you become a king. See, no woman with vision will settle for a vision-less man. Only a vision-less woman will agree to settle for a vision-less man.

A vision-less man will frustrate a woman with vision and in multiple ways he will frustrate a vision-less woman in marriage. This is why many marriages are having issues. A man without vision cannot successfully lead a home.

Until you become purpose driven and at the same time ready for a long lasting commitment (marriage) you don’t need a romantic relationship.

It is your purpose that serves as a pointer to your purpose partner, which is your wife. So, you don’t need to rush things. Be calm and be so busy with your life that even God will have to distract you a little to show you your wife. Las Las you will marry.

Become a king before you think of a getting a wife. King Solomon never thought of getting a wife until he became a king.
Be wise!

I hope I haven’t destroyed any relationship.



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