How Do I Deal With A Chauvinistic Boss Who Thinks He Owns My Life?


As if it is not bad enough to be working in a place where you have to wake up as early as 5 am in the morning in order to beat the traffic and get to work before the boss gets there; I also have to spend extra hours at work until the boss leaves.

On top of that is the fact that I have to work everyday with a boss who seems to think he owns everyone down to their families. My boss is the worst male chauvinist I ever met all my life; and no thanks to the scarcity of jobs in Nigeria.

I won’t bore you with too many details of what transpires in my place of work everyday; but that doesn’t mean I won’t give you some tiny little details of what I am going through in the hands of my boss.

The company where I work can best be described as a one-man business since decisions on virtually every matter are taken by the owner. My boss is perhaps, one of the most difficult persons to deal with. He seems to think and believe that people who are not of the same tribe with him are inferior.

Imagine working for close to 12 hours Monday to Friday, and about 5 hours on Saturday and still don’t get paid until 5 to 6 days into every new month. Things are that bad in my company that no one knows what’s next in terms of direction.

If it was just about work, then there wouldn’t have been any need for this because my boss has now mandated me not to switch off my phone on Sundays because he feels he might need my attention. Actually he did that once, and since that time I have been switching my phone off every Sunday.

The first time he asked me to come over to the office to meet him took me by surprise because I wasn’t expecting such an invitation. Now what got me infuriated was the fact that he made some silly and dirty remarks or comments that gave me the impression that he wanted something more than the employer/employee relationship. Suddenly he started running his hands all over my body, which made me ask him to stop; and instantly I walked out and went back home.

Since then he has been ordering me around the office, and sending me on errands that have nothing to do with my work. I could have left the company a few months back, but the problem is that he still owes me two months salary; and it doesn’t look like I can forgo it.

I am responsible for making cash lodgements to the bank every week, and that seems to be the most realistic way to get my money. However, this could land me into trouble because my boss could send some of his errand boys to manhandle me. I have suffered too much to leave the company without my money; and diverting company fund could be detrimental in the end. Please advice me.



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