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This Thing called Relationship

3 Mins read

Trust issues can really impede a relationship. So, how do you stop being jealous for no reason and live
with freedom of mind?
Jealousy is an ugly part of dating and relationships. It can poison a great relationship. And the worst
part, it is often brought on by our past circumstances rather than rational things happening now. So,
how do you stop being jealous for no reason?
Because jealousy can eat away at your mind. It can overtake your trust and drive you crazy if you let it.
One small thing can set off jealousy. If you’ve been lied to or cheated on in the past, noticing your
partner’s cute coworker could be enough to set it off. Even a fear of abandonment or low self-esteem
can make jealousy get out of control.
When you feel jealous, it can make you so frustrated. You may very well know that your partner is loyal,
but you can’t shake those jealous feelings. It seems like you are jealous for no reason.
Oftentimes, when you’re jealous, it can feel like there is no reason. You trust your partner and know
they aren’t cheating. You know they treat you right. But, you just can’t shake those feelings of insecurity.
Even though your rational side tells you everything is fine, and there is no reason to worry or being
jealous, your emotions won’t abide .The reason for this is most likely your past. You could be in an
amazingly healthy relationship, but sometimes your past emotional traumas can come back to bite you
in the butt.No matter how long away or how much we are over them, our past relationships and
romantic experiences steer us into the future.So, even though you may think you are being jealous for
no reason, there is a reason. It probably has nothing to do with your partner or current relationship, but
fear from being hurt in the past.No, it isn’t rational, but it is normal. If you haven’t fully faced the pain
from a past relationship or the impact of it, it could be sabotaging the relationship you have now. Or if
you struggle with your self-esteem and confidence, you may think you don’t deserve the relationship .
These things can subconsciously lead to jealousy that takes over your mind and even your life. And, even
though feeling jealous due to your past is common, it doesn’t mean you have to suffer. You can stop
being jealous for no reason.
stop being jealous for no reason So, we have established that you aren’t being jealous for no reason.
There is a reason, it just isn’t based in the present.Realizing that is the first step to stop being jealous for
no reason. Figuring that reason out and facing it will help you get a hold of the meaning behind your
jealousy and lead to its end.But, how do you go about dealing with your past affecting your current
#1 Dig deeper. Instead of passing your jealousy off as an irrational fear and burying it deep inside, face
it. Dig deep into your past and figure out what could be causing it. If you know your partner is honest
and loyal, figure out what in you is struggling.
Are you feeling inferior to someone in your partner’s life? Do you crave attention? Are you scared of
being hurt again? Is your mind accustomed to being left or cheated on so you are building up a wall to
prepare for it? [Read: We accept the love we think we deserve – Why don’t you think you’re worthy?]
#2 Deal with the past. I know this is easier said than done. Facing your past takes a lot of strength and
patience. You really need to think about your prior situation and how it affected you.
Sometimes, facing your past is a life long journey, but acknowledging the facts and dealing with them
will help you rationalize your jealousy and release it from impacting you so much.

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