Should A Woman Deny Her Child The Joy Of Knowing His True Father?


I feel for a lot of our ladies out there because some of them have suffered and are still suffering from untold hardship and shame because of trying to raise a child on their own. While some have valid reasons for trying to raise a child on their own, others do not have convincing reasons to tow such routes. In some cases, these ladies have been very unfortunate to get pregnant for men who have refused to own up to their responsibilities. That is why some women have vowed to deny such men access to their children. Having said that, is it right for a man to be denied access to his child regardless of what he may done in the past?

Does a man who has denied the paternity of his child have any right to claim ownership later in life? As a man is it right to start threatening a woman over the paternity of a child after denying ownership or being responsible for putting a woman in a family way?

Is it right to deny a child the joy of knowing or being with his biological father regardless of what may have happened in the past?


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