Too Cute To Ignore—Shade Just Won’t Let Me Focus On My Marriage


Some ladies are just too cute to ignore—I mean the only way not to fall into their trap is not to ever come across them, especially as a married and responsible man. Please read take the next few minutes out of your schedule to read Bode’s story and give him some advice on what to do…

I met Shade one afternoon on the Island shortly after my wedding to Tolani; and her cute and sexy looks swept every guy around me off our feet. Her beauty only reminds me of the old mermaid stories we use to listen to when we were small—she is so cute even a pastor would have to be blind not to be interested in dating her.

My first thought after seeing her was, if you are not going to date this lady; you could at least have her number and be friends with her—and that was my greatest undoing. I followed her as she walked down the street—trying to catch a taxi to Oniru (somewhere on the Island). I fancied my chances of getting her because her countenance was quite encouraging the first time I made passes at her. Not minding if I was only two months married, I pressed on and eventually got her number after giving her a ride.

That was 11 months ago—and as I write this, Shade and I are still dating and still seeing each other every day. I have been cheating on my wife more than 85 percent of the days we have been married. I feel guilty about it, but Shade’s alluring beauty and looks have taken away my ability to pull the plug on the relationship.

My wife has not suspected anything yet—probably because she is a banker and always gets back home too tired to observe any change in my lifestyle. Tola and I barely make love because she is either too tired or not in the mood because of one “key customer” account issue she needs to resolve. This has pretty much put Shade in charge of my sex life as she now keeps me “happy” sex-wise.

The guilt of cheating on my wife is killing me—but Shade’s alluring beauty just won’t let me say no to the relationship. I have an opportunity to get out now before my wife finds out; but I am too hooked on Shade. The only person I see in my dream and in my imagination is Shade.

Iyanda please tell your readers to help me with honest advice on what to do. All I wanted was a fling, and now I am stuck with this delicately beautiful lady.


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