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Dear Married and unmarried women,

See, that thing that tells you that men are the only one to provide in a relationship and even to cater for the home will not take your relationship to that realm that God desires.

Why say Yes I do when you are not ready to warm your man. You are to the warm each other by communicating a sense of comfort, ease and pleasantness. If you can’t ease the burden of your man what then are you representing in his life. It is not enough to help in prayers. Help financially too. Don’t believe the lies that the responsibility of keeping and taking care of a home is on the man only.

Some men have a family to cater for before they entered a relationship with you and you won’t even care to give an helping hand. With this Nigeria economy? Is that how you were taught to practice love? To kill someone else child because your money is for you alone and his money is for everybody in the family.

I understand that you have grown up to believe this system and it could take you some time before you have a shift in the mind. Some of us even learnt this from our parents but, we always pray for a better marriage. So you should be ready to learn and adjust.

Some ladies only enter into a relationship because of financial needs. If the only reason you have a boyfriend is to meet your financial needs then you don’t know love. For God is love. You are only telling God that he can’t meet your needs except a guy. It’s a dishonour to God.

What relationship are you keeping that you can’t even give to your partner except to collect from him. There is no law or rules that binds you from giving to your man. You can surprise him by sending a token to his account. Tell him you just want to gift it to him. He won’t return it. You just warm him even without a hug or kiss. Your children wants to resume a new term and you know you would be paying a sum of money for their school fee. Why not send part of the payment to your man’s account. Tell him you just decided to give a helping hand or tell him it’s just a gift. He understands like that.

There is nothing that stops you from taking care of the meal for a day if you have the money. Stop hoarding your money to yourself alone. It’s so bad. Some ladies can’t even buy clothes for their kids. It must always be hubby. May God help you oh. If you really desire a blissful home you must learn the culture of giving. It counts. Have the mind of giving first in a relationship before thinking of receiving.



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