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My Nymphomaniac Husband

7 Mins read

I met my husband Shamisu at a friends wedding in 2014 . I was one of the brides maids and he was a friend to the groom . after the engagement some of the ladies and I entered his car. He chatted with the two other girls while I didn’t participate at all, to be honest I dint even give him a second look but as fate Will have it , I left my bag in his car .I didn’t realize until when I was about to sleep . I borrowed my friends phone and called my line . He answered the phone and came back to drop my stuff, we ended up exchanging numbers .Shamisu tried his best to pursue a relationship with me but I never took him seriously . I didn’t like the idea at all . he was too boring and plus I didn’t find him attractive at all.he hanged around until a year when I lost my dad . He was really there for me . I was devastated by his loss and was struggling to cope . He was a true friend and comfort to me and my family.This made me see him in a different light and I started giving in to his advances . He became some one I couldn’t go a day without , we were always together . He went as far as dropping me off at school and pick me up after classes . He helps to run errands for my mum and also take me any where I wished . We finally got married a year later. When he told me he had another wife but she wasn’t in Nigeria. i was shocked at first , decided to tell my mum but she was like there is nothing i can do about it, the fact that his wife was abroad was even easy.So i decided to stay.I wasn’t happy I was a second wife but it was easier because his first wife and two kids were in UK. She was doing her PhD so he visit them every six months and I was OK with it. We carried on with our lives . however, when ever he traveled to UK , I was always sad and lonely because he is going to spend with his other wife and kids. I was really praying hard to at least give birth for him so i wont be left all by my self. Fortunately for me , my son arrived a year later. This comforted me all the time. As least I can regain my stand and be a full confident woman.
A few months after the excitement of the baby , I noticed my husband was answering calls at odd times of the night. I knew he was a business man but he doesn’t answer business calls after 9pm. He began to only call either early in the morning or late at night .He also seem to rush out when he picked the strange call. One night, while he was in the shower, his phone rang and I answered. To my surprise , a woman answered me. My heart sank , this confirmed my biggest fear and assumption that he was having an affair I just wanted to confirm it.
“wake magana?, whos speaking ? I ask
She said her name was haminat” ina so inyi magana de me wayan”she said this with so much confidence , this agitated me . how can this bitch be this bold . She said I should ask my husband . I was so angry . I cut call and I was waiting for my husband to come and explain himself.Immediately he came Out of the shower, I asked him.
“who is Hamilat” he answered ‘she is just a relative’
I was not convinced so I decided to investigate myself. I asked one of his close friends that I trusted he said he doesn’t know any one bearing that name . I kept mute but the inquisitive nature in me made me to still keep investigating. One day my husband told me he was traveling to Abuja on business and he would be gone for a week.
However , few days later, I saw his car at a shop . I was heading to the hospital for my baby check up who was battling teeth growth. had to beg my cousin to escort me because i was really scared . my husband was away and i need comforting. Immediately i saw the car,I decide to stalk him. I parked at a distance that my car shouldn’t be seen from his view . A few minutes later. I saw him coming out of a super market with a lady and three children . they seemed to have good shopping and they were chatting and laughing as they drove off.My blood was boiling , my heart was pounding but I knew I had to follow them . I did and they finally reached their destination . They entered the house and locked the gate, I immediately went and asked the gate man who was the man.he told me my husband was the lady husband. My jaw dropped
I suspected him but hearing it from someone else but hearing it from someone else made it worse.I began to panic and thank God for my cousin Reheena who came to visit . I probably would have gone in and made a scene or worse had an accident . She calmed me down and took control of the wheel as I cried my heart out “how could shamisu betray me like this ?how can he lie to me so blatantly without giving a qualms about my feelings?I kept on saying over and over again. I waited till he returned to confront him ,could you believe he still denied the truth ?I told him that I saw him with a lady and kids . He finally said that she was his friend’s wife,that they were going through some marital issues and he was trying to sort them out . imagine !.I was heart broken that I packed my things and went my uncles house , I could not stand the lies. Only God knows what other lies he has been telling me .After 2 days, my husband reached out to my uncles and apologize.He still stuck with the story about an alleged friend helping his family. And I said wallahi I wont go back till he opens up .
Few days later, he came with his to beg me and that was when he told me the truth . I was shattered . Apparently even his Uk wife doesn’t know that he has another wife and he was hiding . He married her two years after marrying his first wife and they had been married for 9 years . He works in kaduna and he was able to hid her for long until she relocated to Kano . He kept hiding her even his family were not aware of her because her parents are from a village in Jigawa, so just a few friends are aware that this woman and children existed . after a long discussion , I agreed to go back to his house with the conditions that he will treat his other women like a wife and no more secrets , to be honest I found it hard adjusting to having a co wife because the Uk wife doesn’t seem real , but this was a different level.After some months and lot of counselling we were at a better place . he was apologetic saying he didn’t tell me about her because she saw how I reacted the when he told me he was married . After a year He shocked me again.
I was pregnant with my second child . I do take nap frequently because I was few months pregnant , My phone rang severally until I woke up and answered , I heard a ladies voice at the end of the line .
‘Salamu Alaiku , am I speaking with Amina ? yes I answered ‘ “who is this ?
My name is Kyauta , your co wife that was all I heard . I couldn’t hear the rest I blanked out. The name doesn’t ring a bell at all . Hope it wasn’t what I was thinking waited for him to come back . I confronted him he said “I have every right to marry 4 wives and more if I want to what is your issues ? how does it affect you? I was so shocked . So my previous calculations were right. After the first drama with a secret wife . My husband went to remarry again . this time Abuja. I noticed he id always travelling to Abuja. I never questioned him because I knew he had a lot of contract there. What have I gotten myself into like this .I was angry, the rage in me wanted to just kill him at the spot . just end it all. The rage was much to the extend I didn’t know when I slapped him.and the fool slapped me right back we began to fight we had a shouting match until he told me to pack out . that was it! my marriage was over. I didn’t push at all I wanted to go and just have peace of mind. No coming back again. I seem to wonder he is a struggling businessman how the hell was he blind to the fact that another marriage was more financial responsibility for him . Was he cursed or something.I just didn’t want to know I just moved out,
Like I predicted, the man came back begging me . saying he want to make thing right.he called my uncles , my mum and siblings but I wouldn’t go back. I don’t even want to go back . he really hurt my feelings and this time I don’t want to hear any plead fro m his mouth. He will still do it again. Who knows we will be 10 wives in number.I just cant deal with him again.the fact I couldn’t trust him anymore, makes me end every thing.I guess one can ever tell who they are getting married to . the best we can do is always pray .Sometimes I wonder if I made the right choice what will I tell my children happened to my marriage . I was ready for what was coming but I knew it was for the best .Shamisu moved his secret to my house and married again guess life goes on. He is entitled to see his children twice in a month . guess I tried . as for me , i am taking my time to search because I am afraid of falling for the wrong person again. If any comes my way. But if none comes, I’m cool.

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