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It Is Better To Have A Cow Moo At You Than A Woman Say She Loves You.

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Dear readers, before I go any further, I wish to state without regret that I rather hear or have a cow moo at me than a woman say she loves me.

I dare say with much conviction that women are the least of my worries now because of the things I have been made to suffer in the hand of someone I thought would always be there for me.

Before Shola came into my life things were perfectly normal, and the only thing that mattered to me was finding that special person that will fill the vacuum in my heart. Now I am no more in a hurry to be a fool for any woman. Every time I hear any of my friend’s or brother’s girlfriend mention the word love, I just shake my head. It amuses me how many people fall for the tricks being played by daughters of Eve.

Three years ago I met Shola at the faculty office where I went to complete my second semester course form. We met and started chatting just like that. Our friendship soon developed into something more intimate few days later, and before you could say Jack Robinson, we started living as couples in the same room. It started little by little as Shola would come sleep the night, and return the next day. Since I was living outside the hostel, we didn’t have any explaining to make to anyone.

We lived like that for years, we shared good times and bad times together, and became the best unmarried couple on campus. I thought nothing could ever go wrong as we practically together most of the times; of course, not taking into account when we both went to our separate classes and departments. I was plain in my dealings with her, and I thought she was open also; but of course, women are like leopards, and it is impossible for them to change their spots.

Maybe she hid her true colours from me or she changed along the line, but there was certainly nothing to prove to me she was a wolf in sheep’s skin the first few months we met. However, the human character is like a smoke; it escapes into the air when covered with a basket. What I discovered 3 years after we started going out were things I could have discovered if I didn’t foolishly trust Shola.

Shola was planning a wedding with another man while we were preparing for our final exams. Yes you heard me right, she was preparing to say I do to a guy she met when we attended my cousin’s party a year ago. Shola was preparing to settle down with the bosom friend of my cousin.

How did I find out? I actually didn’t find out because I was too busy thinking that nothing could ever separate Shola and I. To cut the story short, I got a call from Shola’s uncle who asked me to come over to his house and see him. He asked me to come because he wanted to discuss a few important things with me. I didn’t suspect anything since it wasn’t the first time he was inviting me over to his place.

When I got to his house, I was surprised to see Shola there too because she never told me she was going to be there. Anyway, I was happy to see her because deep in my heart I thought her uncle wanted to give us a few tips on how to move ahead in life since we just finished our final exams.

I started suspecting something was wrong somewhere when Shola’s uncle started speaking in riddles and parables about women being weaker than men, and life not being a bed of roses. Eventually, he hit the nail on the head; he explained to me how Shola had out of her own carelessness become pregnant for someone else. I could feel cold sweat run down my entire body. I felt like I was suffocating and that I needed someone to pour some cold water on me so I could catch my breath; and that was not the end of it because Shola’s uncle also revealed something else to me. He told me the man Shola wants to get married to is someone I already know; my cousin’s bosom friend.

I was in shock ,I felt as if someone stabbed me so hard in the chest.I just couldn’t breath, it was as if I was going to pass out.I ended up on admission in the hospital  for three days because of the shocking news, and I never thought I was going to recover, but God kept me. It was my cousin whose birthday Shola and I attended a year before that finally gave me the lowdown of how she started cheating on me. He said he warned his friend so many times not to consider dating Shola, but he never listened. Though, I was a bit angry with him for keeping it from me; but I have forgiven him.

Shola I wish you well in your life endeavours. I hope and pray God rewards everyone according to his ways. You have left me with zero chance of ever trusting a woman anymore.

No matter what anyone tells me, I am not going to trust a woman ever in my entire life again!


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