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Unanswered Questions

Is It Right To Pressure One’s Daughter Into Getting Married?

1 Mins read

Mothers will always be mothers; they will never change. As a matter of fact, every mum would do whatever it takes to make her child happy. The same way mother hen shields and protects her chicks from the hawk; mothers are ready to go the length to guide their precious children. However, marriage is one area where every mother loves to get involved. They love to see that their daughter gets married to the right man; and are prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve this. So the question is: is it right to pressure one’s daughter into getting married?

The pressure starts getting intense as soon as a female child secures admission into the university. Every time a mother goes on her knees, it is easy to guess what one of her prayer requests to God will be. She starts taking notice of different guys that come to look for her daughter. She starts asking different questions, and starts offering some ‘useful’ tips to help her daughter make the right choice. However, she doesn’t stop there as she continues to mount pressure after pressure as she starts comparing her daughter to other ladies that have settled down already.

So is it right to pressure one’s daughter into getting married?

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