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I Will Dig It Out With Any Man Who Physically Assaults My Daughter In Marriage

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This got me reeling with laughter the moment I opened my mail and read through. Some mothers act as if they don’t care. I won’t blame her really—every mother would protect her child from men who love turning women into punching bags. What you are about to read was sent to me a couple of days ago by a regular visitor to this blog. Read and enjoy…

I just hope Iyanda shows how much he wants people out there to know how bad abuses in marriages and relationships are by posting this piece for all to see.

I have got two eyes, but I am not ready to part with anyone of them no matter how much I love you. The same goes for my two gorgeous looking daughters; if you can’t take good care of them, then they are probably not meant for you.

Men who beat their wives are just not fit to be addressed as such. How can a man turn his wife into a punching bag? Mothers too are not helping matters because all they do is keep quiet and encourage their daughter to remain in a relationship where she is being turned into a punching bag all in the name of love.

I am a woman who doesn’t interfere in other people’s marriages; but not when any of my two daughters is being turned into a punching bag. Nine months no be joke ooo… I did not only carry her in my womb for nine months (9 x 2 = 18 months), I had sleepless nights bringing her up.

I am not going to ask you not to marry any of my daughters; but listen to me very clearly—it is going to be third world war if you as much as lift your finger on them. The fact that I am married to a top gun in the society doesn’t stop me from showing the other side of me.

So if you feel you can’t keep your fist where they belong; then stay off my daughters. Real men don’t beat women.

I had to send in this piece following a story I read the other about a woman who was tortured and beaten by her husband for 17 years. As women, I think we need to wake up before it becomes a norm in the society. Let’s protect our daughters from ravenous beasts in human clothing.

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