I Missed My Big Chance All Because I Gave Him A Fake Name


Sometimes as a lady one of the things you have to deal with is the number of men that make silly passes at you. In truth, some of these passes can be a lot of fun, and sometimes they can be highly annoying. When Michael asked me for my name at a friend’s 25th birthday party few months ago, little did I know that he was one of those nice people you come across only once in a lifetime. As events later proved, Michael only wanted to help me get a job after he overheard a conversation between me and my friend about career breakthrough.

He came straight to me and introduced himself as Michael Ademefun, and a lawyer as profession. In return I looked at him and introduced myself as Antonia Gilbert; a name I always use whenever I am in a mood to play and deceive a guy. He asked what I do for a living, and I told him I am working in a construction company as a PR person, which of course is the truth. He said he overheard our discussion and thought he could come in to help me with a career breakthrough. I laughed within me because I am already used to men with sugar-coated lips; and Michael did look like one of them.

He gave me his card, and I gave him my phone number, which of course, was not my main line. I have a jealous boyfriend so I the thought of giving him my regular mobile number was a no-no for me. That was it at least for another two or three weeks until my friend whose party I attended the other came to my place of work to drop a bombshell!

My friend came to tell me that Michael had submitted my name amongst candidates to be considered for the position of a human resources executive at one of the multinational company his father is an executive board member of. The sooner she said that, I knew there was trouble because the name I gave him was not the right one. To make matters worse, Michael has been trying to reach my number all these while so I could send in my CV; but of course, the number I gave him was not a regular one.

The moment I told Shade (my friend) how I gave Michael wrong name and number; she got mad and told me I had messed up a big chance to get a career breakthrough. I stood speechless as she took her time to explain who Michael is and how influential his father is. He even went ahead to tell me that Michael is already happily married and that his wife was even at the party that night. According to Shade, all Michael wanted to do was to help me, which was his usual way of doing things.

Sincerely I have been able to meet Michael after that time; and he just could not stop laughing when I told him what had happened that night. I had since discovered that Michael is not the type of man that flirts about with women. As a matter of fact, the only love of his life since college days was and still is his wife.

He promised to help whenever another opportunity comes, but it’s been close to a year since that time, and nothing has come up.

Have I really missed my chance in life?



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