How Do I Stop My Wife From Her Beer Parlour Business?


One of the most difficult things to do as a man in the house is to keep up with your normal responsibilities as a husband even without a job. As a man, it behoves you to provide for every need of the family, and this is a herculean task if all you do everyday is watch your wife come in late in the night after spending all day running a beer parlour. My wife owns and operates a beer parlour, and even if I don’t like the idea because of the number of guys who come and seat near her every time I visit the place, the fact remains that my jobless status won’t let me question her.

Vera has been responsible for providing basic needs for our family since I lost my job about 10 months ago. She pays the light bill, the children’s school fees, and even the rent. I do nothing but go to newspaper vendor stand every morning to read and check for vacancies. I have been doing all I can to get another job without any luck since I lost the last one. There is no doubt that I am trying my best to get another job especially when I remember the kind of men who hang around my wife in her beer parlour.

I actually gave her money to open the beer parlour, but I never thought things would become this bad. Perhaps, all these nonsense had been going on while I was working; but since I was damn too busy coming home late at night, I never took note of it. However, things have gone way too far and it is like I can’t take it anymore; but how on earth would I be able to achieve that?

I feel that my kids are not being properly trained especially as they have to stay up late just to help their mothers in the shop. My first daughter is about 19 years old, but she dresses like someone who lives and works in a brothel. She is almost beyond control as she would easily argue and wave aside any attempt to correct her if she does anything wrong. I feel like the entire world is crashing on me, and I am just sitting there without knowing what to do. The beer parlous is our only source of livelihood at the moment; but it is ending my family to hell.

It looks like a hopeless situation because my wife rakes in so much money everyday that I don’t even know if money is not coming through from other means. It makes me sick to see things happen this way. The other time I tried stamping my authority by saying some things odd about the beer parlour business; I got shouted down by Vera. I need to handle this issue with a lot of wisdom before things get out of hand.

In other words, what I need is help. I need someone to advice me on what to do before my daughters all turn into prostitutes.




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