Has The Social Media Helped To Build Or Ruin Your Relationship?


social media 2

The social media has virtually turned everyone into a celebrity these days. Whether we like it or not, things are never going to remain the same again. We have all lost that bit of privacy we were once enjoying. Sneeze or cough, everyone on the other end of the divide gets to know about it. However, there are some who love the craze of being mentioned or spoken about on Twitter or Facebook; but its shear madness for some. So how has the social media contributed to your relationship?

Have you lost a friend to the social media? Does your friend no longer talk to you the way he or she used to? How has social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn helped to foster relationships between people? Are you spending more time with your online friends than your partner?

The truth is, while Facebook and Twitter can keep you busy at home, can they really take up the place of your partner at home? How does your partner react to the number of hours you spend online to detriment of the relationship you both share with each other?


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