A Stab On The Back-Does True Love Still Exist?


A Stab On The Back-Does True Love Still Exist?


Dear readers, I advice you to take to your heels when next that sweet talking handsome young man says he loves you; because that word (love) doesn’t exist anymore! You heard me perfectly right; the word ‘love’ doesn’t exists for me at least. I will tell you my story; but since it’s a free world, you are free to go on loving that man.

I don’t want to sound funny; but what makes you think the ring around your finger is a guarantee that you are the lucky one? What makes you think because he has given you a ring then he is as good as yours? At least, I didn’t know a ring was just a fancy little jewellery until I met Tade. Tade has changed or redefined what a wedding ring represents for millions of women who believe in holy matrimony.

The beast I call a husband doesn’t in anyway deserve to be happy because he has succeeded in turning me into a woman who may never love and trust any man again. He did not only cheat on me with loads of women out there; he also got my best friend pregnant.

Tade and I courted only a couple of months before we eventually got married in 2011. Our wedding was so successful that it became the talk of the town during that period. However, successful weddings don’t always lead to happy marriages or homes; and ours is an example of that.

Our marriage didn’t get off to a great start because I caught my husband making love to a lady I thought was his secretary the day after our honeymoon right there in the office! Did you find it hard to believe? Are you wondering how I found out? Call me Ruth or whatever, but I got so bored sitting back at home a day after our honeymoon and decided to pay my hubby a surprise visit in his office only to catch him on a woman.

My hubby’s office is designed in such a way that you can walk in even without anyone knowing since the floor is covered with a rug. I didn’t find anyone at the secretary’s desk as soon as I got to his department, which gave me unrestricted access. Since it wasn’t a residential apartment, there wasn’t any need for me to scream or ask if anyone was in the office. Whatever may have given my husband the courage or confidence to convert his office into a chalet where he could have a quick one with his secretary is still not clear to me as I am writing this; but the truth of the matter is I caught him on his secretary. It could even have been anyone walking into the office beside me; and that shows how stupid some men can be.

I still don’t know how we managed to settle that issue; but I know things didn’t go smoothly between the two of us for months. Before we got married, I thought the only thing I had to deal with was Tade’s smoking habits; and he sure proved me wrong as I later discovered that he has a large appetite for sleeping with my friends.

I am the type of woman who loves giving my man the benefit of the doubt. I don’t just judge or confront my man because someone gives me a hint; but that was a mistake on my part. I wonder how I never got to find out that Tade had already slept with four out of my six friends who graduated from the same university as me; and even got Elizabeth my childhood friend pregnant. Some ladies are so cheap that they never have problems opening their legs as soon as the opportunity comes their way. Everyone warned me about how they see my hubby and some of my friends in his car at odd places and during odd hours; but I never listened to them. Now Elizabeth is not only pregnant for my husband; I also discovered when I went to pack my things from Tade’s house that she has also moved in.

I don’t want to go into details; but I just want you to know that Tade has even moved on from my friend Elizabeth unto other women. He seems to have this passion for chasing anything in skirt.

Whatever happened to those promises of love before we both got married? It is so strange because Tade and I were virtually inseparable during courtship. How and why he suddenly changed is what I still don’t know and can’t explain. Where did it all go wrong? Our adventure into marriage only lasted two years; and now he has left a scar in my heart. Can I ever love again? He was not the only one who stabbed me on the back; my friends too. Can I ever forgive anyone of them?






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