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Jasper has being dating Adesuwa for quiet sometime now.while they were dating,they had sex a couple of times . after, they broke up due to the ladyโ€™s decision to never have sex with him. Adesuwa was born again . she was trying to keep herself holy and devoted for God couple of years later, Jasper also got born again and luckily they found themselves in the same church. Adesuwa worked as a chorister in the church , while guy was serving as a dramatist in the drama unit of the church. They started working together as workers of the same church , most times doing evangelism together . they both worked devotedly in church that the head pastor promote them to the position of the head of their units. They both gained admission into Adekunle Ajasin University. They were offered the same course but different levels . the guy was in his finals and the lady was in her first year. They were also attending the same student fellowship.
As they began to get closer, they began to remind each other of the good old days , they were together while they were dating and they would laugh about it. The lady would tease the guy by saying she did break up with him because his dick was too big and only God knows if she would still be able to feel satisfied again if she ended up with another man with small dick . the guy too would remind her how she used to shout
Jasper, small small o
Whenever they were having sex and they both laugh about it

0neday,jasper was coming from lecture, he met Adesuwa. Having exchanging pleasantries, the lady pointed to his dick and said โ€˜Jasper you need to cut out of this thingโ€ Perhaps because the dick print was showing and the guy just laughed it off. After some weeks,the lady contacted jasper that she needs his help with studying foe the forth coming exams . she needs help with one of her courses and she feels since the guy is good at it, she can help her with it or put her through. Jasper offered to help her with some lectures . so they fixed a day for was suppose to be in a class on campus to avoid any unnecessary things, but the lady didnโ€™t show up. When the guy called her line , her line was switched off. So he left. At exactly 10; 15, the lady came to bang on the guys window in his hostel, ask him to open the door.the guy opened the door. She apologize for not coming to the private lecture that her sister came from Akure to distablise her plans .she really needs the lesson because the test was for the following day,. the guy opined that it will be very hard because of his roommate he have around and he could not tell that one to leave the room for them to do lesson because it is late already.more so, its late carrying out such lesson in his room while his roommate was sleeping would amount to disturbance
After much thought,the lady asked him over to her place. She solemnly asked he should give her a night lesson . they could start by 11pm and end 2qm. The guy hesitated a bit, but after much persuading and plead from the lady, h e bid his roommate good night and told him he would not be returning home that night. When they got to her hostel, she prepared dinner for him, while eating the lady went to take her bath . she came out of the bathroom naked . She started applying body cream on her body in front of the guy. Jasper didnโ€™t bulge he came to a conclusion that it is one of those things . After that, they started lesson . but all through this she didnโ€™t change the towel on er body to something else . After some minute of thorough lectures he noticed she was yawning he advised her to have a little rest before they continue.
The guy slept on the carpet at first, but he was initiated by the lady to sleep on the bed and added โ€™when you are not an unbelieverโ€™ the guy obeyed and they decided to pray together. After the prayer, they slept . for the first 15min , the guy couldnโ€™t sleep . he was having flash back about how he spent his days and how the lady has always being teasing him recently. He really want to roll over her. But he has promised himself not to compromise his Christian faith . he prayed silently that God should help him throughout his temptation because he was losing himself. After praying, a thought came over him that he should move down to the carpet . so he decided to move getting up, he noticed that the lady towel has removed partially. Exposing her breast . he couldn’t move to the floor any longer. The thought of touching her breast was what was on his mind him to just touch . he moved towards her a little bit, touched one of the breasts then took his hands off immediately . she didnโ€™t move at all .he tried it the second time , this time even longer , she didnโ€™t move . he started to press the breast interchangeably, heaving heavily as he did yet she didnโ€™t move . perhaps she needed him too he thought. Maybe the whole lesson thing was a plot to have sex with him. This thought began to remunerate in his head. He was too hard to quit now . no bible passage or godly word was even coming to his brain.he just wanted to to just sleep with her. He removed the towel completely and began to spread her legs open .The lady woke up immediately and she begged him to stop . asking him to calm down quoting to him some spiritual verses. Jasper was too lost to be found . he forced his dick in . thrust her so hard till she began to hold him tight . When jasper was tired, she took over from him riding his dick till they were both satisfied then they both collapsed on the bed.To jasper, it was just another good sex . the lady was also involved at some point by the looks of things, she enjoyed every bit of it . The lady came up with a story that he raped her . she started crying so hard that made jasper really confused . she called her pastor instantly to inform him of how jasper raped her. The pastor was shocked but he promised her he would called jasper to hear his own part of the story . Jasper was interrogate and he gave his own part of the story . the following day , the pastor called both of them and also told them their fault and asked the lady to forgive jasper and the matter should just end there.imploring them to both ask for forgiveness of sin and move on with their lives. Adesuwa agreed and it was so .
Recently, the lady bought up the case . she told her parents about it and they were threatening to expose jasper to the school authorities once school resumes and he was so scared because his studentship was at state nor now that he is in his finally year. All his struggles all will be in vain. He went to see Adesuwa and pleaded with her to please talk to her parents but she was adamant when the situation was becoming hard , he had to inform his own parents about it now his dad and mum are at the mercies of the girls family. They finally came to a decision of not telling the school authorities only if he will leave the school willingly . how he is stock. If you were in Jasper shoes, what advice will you give him? .

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