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New Worship Trend – SELFIES

2 Mins read

People of God, what happpppeeen???!! what is happening in churches nowadays? Why does the pride of life, lust of the flesh and lust of the eyes creep into heavenly activities? This makes church going a big debatable subject for me oo.

Sundays have become the only day  most people rack their heads about what to wear, concerns about hair do, color combination of their attires and other irrelevancies they put themselves through. It is now a norm to be glamorously costumed to church like it was a kind of gig they need to stand out in. I’m not saying looking good is not a cool business, it’s the attitude they exude with it that appalls me. Most people are unaware of the actual time church service starts and have programmed themselves to when everyone is seated so they can saunter in and be noticed. Please na only you waka come? abi evil spirt don join you.

Some of them wear “sexy” clothes and say ‘as long as i don’t expose my cleavage, I’m done’..some will say ‘as long as it is not clingy, I’m good to go’ Please what is the limit of fashion in church? because I sure do know there should be a limit. If not the church will just be a sellout for Christ. They even do their “networking” based on your appearance, like sizing up the sum of your shoe, wristwatch, jewelry, attire, shades and your “freshness” I know many people who go as far as renting tuxedos, suits and blazers just to match up to some church’s standard (I wont mention names oo), and I’m like ‘are you insane??!! Why are you fixing yourself for a high jump?’ Then they reply me saying ‘if you don’t dress like them, connection no go dey, dem no go wan give you job oo, ooboy na packaging matter jor’. Hmm, I’m still not saying packaging is not good, but how true is that saying that “Judge a book not by its cover” (it’s very true if i might say). Are people supposed to be going  through this cycle because of going to church?

Another annoying practice is the selfie taking in church, Why selfie-rizing yourself without God in the picture? Why not look for a way to photo-bomb Gods picture because I’m sure He’s the reason for your church-going and trust me, you’ll get all the attention you can ever dream of if you can photo-bomb God’s picture. A lady was singing heartily, with eyes tight shut in worship while the choir was elevating our spirit. I was admiring her voice and expressive gestures she was giving  to the worship of God and reproaching myself for my eye-opening habit during worship, only for her to open her eyes and brings out her phone, opens the pouch, taps it a while and lifts the phone to take a picture!(worship was still going on oo), she takes the first shot, looks at it and from the look on her face, she wasn’t pleased with it. She then lifts her phone higher for a better camera angle then closes her eyes to resume the worship session and then she takes the shot. I felt the impulse to go over to her seat and slap her deaf, but hey, who am I? I’m not even half as expensively dressed as she was, so I just maintain my level.

My question is, does God really approves of these? The lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life is plaguing everywhere, should we not re-evaluate our stand and know our mission and purpose in church? Isn’t the church supposed to be a place of rest for some? A palpable comfort zone for the oppressed? hmm, there is a God watching everyone in a super HD mode oo…

Please kindly share your opinions ma’am and sir.


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