Justice Served, But Not The Way I Wanted It


Dear readers,

have you ever felt like someone deserved more than he actually got in terms of judgement? How would you feel if someone you thought should have been given a heavier punishment got off on a very light judgement?

Having graduated with a second class upper from one of Nigeria’s prestigious universities where I studied Banking and Finance; the last thing I thought would happen to me was staying home without a job for a very long time. I knew it was going to be a bit tough to get a job, but I didn’t anticipate that it was going to be this long. To make matters worse, my friends and neighbours that graduated the same time as me as well as those who even graduated after me were all getting employed in banks and in other big companies.

I remained an applicant for four years until Esther, a friend of mine who also graduated the same time as me promised to help me out on certain conditions though. My friends know me for the kind of person I am; they know how principled I am; and that I rarely compromise on certain values even as a woman. So, it was not out of place for Esther to forewarn me ahead of what awaits me in the company she was going to introduce me to. She asked me to loosen up a little bit, and compromise on some of my values if I actually wish to get a job as soon as possible.

Esther did take me to one of those companies any applicant would dream of. According to her, she was going to introduce me to someone in the human resources department who would arrange for an interview within a short time. What she didn’t however, tell me was the fact that I would be required to open my legs. Of course, I initially refused to compromise but I finally gave in because I was desperate to get the job.Actually, it wasn’t as easy as explained; it’s just that I want to spear you the details.

Though, I was eminently qualified to fill the position I was offered; I knew I  couldn’t get it without opening my legs because the boss insisted that i had to play game .I felt very bad even though I finally got the employment. However, that was the beginning of series of terrible things I suffered in the hands and bed of Felix.

My dream job later became a big nightmare because I was practically warming the bed of one of my bosses. Felix took advantage of my desperate situation to get a job. We had sex several times unprotected, which resulted into 2 abortions. I agreed to abort on those occasions because my boss was married and I also wanted to keep every thing away from TJ my fiancé. I did all I could to put a stop to what I was going through, but my boss would have none of that.

I cried several nights, got my pillow wet, and lost appetite for doing those things that got me happy in those days. I was a woman who everyone wanted to emulate because they thought I was doing fine. Of course, I was given a very expensive official car, fat salary, and other allowances anyone would dream of; so why would I want to quit my job? Maybe I should just say-be careful what you wish for yourself.

My guilt also kept me far away from church services as I couldn’t stand before the all-knowing creator. I have reverence for God, and I know He has been watching my every move, especially behind those shut doors in some hotel rooms; so the thought of that alone scares me a lot.

Just when I surrendered to what fate had brought my way; I got this text from a friend who works within the company. The content of the text revealed that Felix was to proceed on a transfer to Makurdi; yes you heard me right! I struggled to believe this text not because I didn’t trust the source; but because Felix should have been the one giving me this information. Eventually, the confirmation did come from Felix; and you can imagine how great I was. I screamed for joy, and for the first time after a very long time; I went to church.

To be honest with you, my desire was for his appointment to be terminated or for him to be caught (not with me) with one of the female staff in a hotel room by one of the directors; but things may not always work the way we planned it to.

I don’t know how you see this, but it does feel me with some measure of satisfaction; but the truth of the matter is that I want more. I want him caught and dismissed from work because that man will never learn!.I am so tempted to reveal everything because my conscience is really worrying me but more importantly, I don’t want any other girl go through what I suffered in his hands.

Should I go ahead and let the cat out of the bag or just sweep it under the carpet and start all over again. Please help me.




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