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Ever After

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My name is Cynthia, I am 25 years old. I’m a product of a circumstance home. My dad was married 2 times before he met my mom. He is a very busy person that travels a lot for work in different states, he is barely at home. One night, he came home to find his wife in bed with another man. He was very angry and left the room and came back with a knife. He stabbed the man to death and wounded his wife. He immediately turned himself in and was sent to prison. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison with hard labor. Prison life was really tough on him. In his last year in prison, he got out for good behavior, before leaving, met my mum. Who was one of the ministers in the prison then? She made him turn new leave and embrace God aS his lord and personal savior then I don’t know how the other story was but that is how I came to be. I was single handily raised by my mum who has deprived me of seeing my dad for 25 years now.
This is my pathetic story. I know my mum does try a lot for me to have a comfortable life and I appreciate her a lot for that. But it always comes to time, in a child’s life there is this hunger and thirst for fatherly love in their life. When I was little, I do see kids proudly showing off their dads and even brag to me about it. I am always wishing I can brag about my dad too if only he was alive. My mum told me he died when I was a bing giving birth to which I believed all my life. Though I wasn’t suspicious when I was a little girl, growing up made me ask a lot of questions. Like what was my father like, no picture of him, and why I haven’t seen any of his family members coming to visit us or check on me. But the more I ask this question the more my mum always has the answers. Until in my university days, a strange man came to see me in school and claim he is my father. I was just laughing maybe am being punked or something. But after he left, I had thorough thinking and the fact there was this slight resemblance between us made me inquisitive. I kept his visit to myself. I didn’t even try telling my mum or grandma about it. One day, on my arrival from school. I met my mum with a strange man struggling to enter the house but my mum was stopping him from entering the compound. When she saw me, she pretended as if nothing happened. I wasn’t even ready to ask because I recognize the face. I just pretended I saw nothing. The man left afterward.Atnight, I overheard my mum’s discussion with my grandma.
“Let the child know her father!
my mum replied “over my dead body!
. I seem to wonder what could have happened that is making my mum restrict me from not seeing my dad. But I still kept my cool. The inquisitive me wanted to ask but the loving daughter in me made me just keep quiet till my mum was ready to talk. It was like this for a long like two months till I went back to school.
At school, the strange man still came. I tried so hard to keep my cool and I still ask him what he wanted to meet me now after abandoning us for so many years. He explained how he met my mother in prison and how she saved him from his sinful way.he was release earlier than suppose date because of good behavior so he couldn’t reach my mum. he has been trying for a year till he was posted to our state. The most shocking part of the story was when he said, my mum was a minister. I don’t even remember her doing that these days, though we go to church, she isn’t any way a minister. This made me very curious to ask a lot of questions. I was mute, kept the meeting with my supposed father to my self.and it was like that for a very long time.i was hoping and expecting maybe one day, my mum will tell me the truth or what I need to just seems it’s not going to be any time soon.
After school, and I was definitely having a peak in my career. I am a proud MD of a beauty firm at the age of 27, had my own dream apartment, a car, and two surviving business. I was ok for a spinster. The only issue I had is my mum always on my neck reminding me that I need to settle down. it not that I don’t want to settle down but my kind of boy was scare. I was looking for prince charming with a dash of a bad boy. most guys have met always hve inferiority complex. They feel my own kind of person is too challenging and I might hve issues being submissive to my husband. I just see my self as a self-liberated woman. with no father to see my struggles just my mum and me all the time. Even when I was in school, I don’t have a stable relationship, I had a choice to pick between boys and books which I picked books over them. I always remind my mum when she complains about how did she expect I got my first class degree in marketing from? But she is always saying no matter how ambitious a lady is, she will still need a man.I’m still in the market looking for my own man till now.
I met Kunle, one of our company partners in a product launch we just click immediately. I was like who is the dude all dash and smiling in the board room but I still comport my self as a lady that I am. After the meeting, he approaches me and asks for my number. I was just so happy about it. We started dating one month later, after much persuading from him, my mum and friends. Kunle is a very lovable, no-nonsense loving boyfriend. I loved his crazy ass a lot and he always put me in check about my crazy personality and me. He believes that a woman must always have time to attend to his needs even if she is busy. Which gets me pissed all the time but we can’t always get what we wish for. After 1 year of dating, he popped the question of me becoming his wife.I was so happy and accepted On my happy feet. My proposal to KUnle was the most talked about in corporate world history. It was Everywhere, media, tabloids all aired it . and I was looking forward to being Mrs. Adelaide. His family is very friendly especially his mum. I was so happy; my mum uses to tell me not to marry into a family if the boy’s mum doesn’t like me, saying it won’t end well. The introduction day was first approaching, the big question is, who is the bride’s father? or where is the bride’s father?. We could just be like modern-day Nigerians who can just go and hire a particular person to come post as he bride father, but because I want the truth of what my mother was hiding to reveal.i agreed to my mother in law to be condition; if there isn’t any brides father, there isn’t marriage.
I went to my mum to tell her what my husband’s family said and to my greatest shock, she wasn’t remorse at all. What she said was,
“if you don’t marry her child there are always a lot of fishes in the sea.
I was angry. My years of staying with this woman, haS Taught me not to argue with her. She is a very stubborn woman with very few words. So I just let her be. My mood wasn’t ok throughout that day, after much thinking, I decided to threaten her. I planned to go to her place weekend then carry out my act. When everyone was sleeping, I took a knife woke her up, and threaten to kill my self if she doesn’t tell me where my father is and why she doesn’t want me to have anything to do with him. At first, this woman was so adamant to tell me anything after much persuasion from my grandma she just yelled
‘ kill your self because of a boy, who do you think you doing?
Me! If you think to lose you will make my life miserable you lie my child!
its one of my stories has lost thing more than thIS.
you want to know your father, fine I will tell you
That was how she told me the story of how she met my dad in prison in one of ministerial work fell in love and don’t know how it happened, became pregnant for him. She lost everything, her good reputation, her name, and her ministerial title. She tried so hard to even go to the prisin if she can see him tell her she was pregnant he ha be en released early. all means to reach him proved abortive. So she decided to move out of the town because of shame to grow and nurse me on her own with the help of her mum. It wasn’t easy, she said .but she had no choice.
I don’t know why am angry with him? She added
Is it the fact I struggled to keep a better life for you by my self,
I just don’t know or the fact he abandons me all these years and suddenly out of the blue he wants to claim my child!
Not his child! my child!. No, I can’t forgive him at all.
I was dumbfounded I tried looking at the thing from her own angle. the woman tried. Now I feel like an ungrateful child. I need a father figure in my life but with the way my mum as talking I think she won’t buy the idea of me making the man my father on that day. Now am confused about what to do. Don’t know if I should go on with the wedding without my dad? Or even if I want to continue I will offend my mum and by the Way, I don’t even know how to reach the man. No means of identification or location. My mum that can help me don’t want him around. how things are now,I don’t even have any strength to explain to kunle, or should I call off the wedding?

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