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What Is The Right Age For a Lady To Get Married?

3 Mins read

Ever wonder as lady, when you get to a particular age the pressure to get married some up by everyone around you? From your parents, uncles, aunties, and peers, etc. You do some particular thing, your mother abuses you to go get married; you can do this in my own husband’s house. At the age of 24, the pressure starts. There are some cases of ladies that legitly stop attending family functions because she knows she will be the topic of discussion at the meeting. In African homes, the lady is pressurized to just bring a boy home. Especially when she is done with her studies or trying to face her career. Parents even give some tips on how to attract husband materials. Then when the lady clocks 29, 30, and no husband, they feel she has a spiritual problem. Forgetting that there is time for everything.
Marriage is a union between two individuals and it’s a lifetime goal till deaths do both parties apart. There are a lot of factors to consider before making it down the aisle with the man of your dreams or because you feel you are ready to get married. It is a lifestyle commitment that involves a lot of reasoning, compromising, and sacrifices. Mary comes with a lot of up and down but the big question is, what age should a lady get married?
In African society, it has been conditioned that once a lady clock 24, she should be in her husband’s house or preparing for one. If not, the family starts pressuring her to get married or even introduce a boy home who she is serious.
Andrey Hope; a relationship expert in his opinion says’ that culture has mapped out our lives for us. If we don’t follow the silent order, we feel that we are doing the same thing wrong and will be left behind and ultimately alone in love’
The society controls every aspect of our lives. So when we trying to be different, it looks as if we are doing something wrong and seem crossed with everyone. Truth be told, there is no perfect age for getting, married. The best time to get married is when a lady feels settled or unfulfilled about life. No pressure. There is always a serious double standard for men and women when it comes to marriage. Men are often advised to get married when they are ready i.e. when they are matured, financially buoyant, and secure, having an established career and comfortable with themselves. The society makes them feel that this boast their ego. This allows men to have more time to find the right person. Hat suit their dream woman. But women are not given such privilege. This is one of the major reasons for broken homes in African. The ladies marry who us ready most time, not who they love. They look for who can secure them financially.
The pressure to settle down mounts when women reach their mid 20’s. if she is still able to keep her cool and on her 30th birthday there is no ring on it or proposal, she is made to feel as if she has a spiritual problem or she misses her moments which most times lead the ladies to depression, inferiority complex and rush to just settle down. This made them not to marry for love but for the sake of being fulfilled as a woman and having kids. Surprisingly, women get married at the age of 35 against all odds. They might actually be setting themselves up for a happier marriage than women who marry in their 20’s .the major concern is, what is the use of ladies who get married in their 20,s but later divorced after 2years of marriage? In most cases, wisdom truly comes to play at marriages. it is believed for maturity comes with age. The way a 21year old lady will run her home and deal with her husband is different from the lady in her 30’s. Women tend to have a higher level of maturity as they grow and become of age. Their carrier, the way they handle and see things all determine by age.
Women shouldn’t be forced to married if they are not ready. They should be allowed to live and experience life, shape their personalities, given time to put their career and themselves first before marriage. Personal development is a major key. It makes them less self-centered. Though its advisable to get married early because of some medical and biological benefits involves but if you aren’t ready, you aren’t ready. Marriage is a lifetime commitment. So it is advisable to be ready before rushing in do that you won’t run out.

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