Imagine What I Found On My Wife’s Blackberry Phone!


Dear readers, I know a lot of you might be wondering if what kind of man runs through his wife’s message inbox. The truth of the matter is that I am not the type who does that, and the fact that we both ‘trusted’ each other didn’t make that necessary. We both love each other no doubt; maybe that’s why we never trust was never an issue until something happened out of the blues.

Tolani is the name of my wife, and all the time we have been married (9 years now), I had never checked her message inbox; but the case is not the same with her because she always reads my text messages. It’s not like she doesn’t trust me, but she is the very jealous and curious type who loves to know every conversation her husband engages in with other people; women in particular. Tolani reads my bbm chats virtually every night, and she never shies away from asking any question whenever she comes across any suspicious message or chat.

So it happened one day when I was just lying on the bed one Saturday morning while Tolani went to the market to get us some foodstuffs. She had left without taking her phone; that was something rare because she hardly forgets or leaves her phone behind when going out. She is not like me; I have lost count the number of times my phone was left behind at home.

Her Blackberry phone was just lying there on the bed when the thought came to mind that I should just get hold of it. I didn’t actually grab the phone because I wanted to go through her text messages; I did because I got fascinated by the ringtone that sounded as soon as a call came in. As I picked up the phone, I decided to scroll down to the file section to explore the possibility of sending the song/ringtone to my phone via Bluetooth; and that was when I started going through some of her pictures too. I was about exiting the picture file when a particular one caught my attention; you won’t believe what I saw!

I saw pictures of a man posing nude and half nude in a private apartment. I was shocked and became curious at the same time; perhaps my wife’s picture could be somewhere within the file. I searched and searched but couldn’t find any nude or semi nude picture of my wife; but was able to find some other pictures where she posed with the same guy in several uncompromising positions. Those pictures where she posed with the same guy were taken on several outings because she wore different clothes; and this meant that they always went out on dates together. I even saw some of the ones taken in the beach with my woman wearing nothing but bikinis and other unbelievable wears.

However, you won’t believe that I haven’t asked or said anything about those pictures since I saw them but she could tell something  is wrong because I can’t even stand her touching me anymore. It is so heavy on my mind, but I have decided not to confront her yet. I know I will have to confront her someday soon ; but I guess am  keeping quiet about it all for now  as  I plan my revenge .I can’t guarantee the outcome but I feel so stupid for trusting her with all my heart.Where on earth did I go wrong?

How do I get out of the horrible situation ? should I tell her or go ahead with my horrible plan? Please I really need your advice before I do something horrible.



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