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In one of my classes on a platform I was invited to, after thanking the organizers I told them i wasn’t prepared, you need to see the responses I got.

Well I was prepared; i just wanted to teach them a lesson with that intro. The truth is most of us are not prepared for this life and we ask from it.

In the first part, I left a question for you to answer, the questions is how do You Ask?

I will not answer it for you but I will give you clues on how to ask, the answer lies within you. As a kid, we ask for things and get them, but we only get as much as we deserve from what our parents have.

That’s why parents sometimes go out of their way to provide for their kids because they deserve it. The key to getting what you are asking for whether from life or people is lies in whether you deserve what you ask for or not. Whether you are capable of handling what you are being given.

So every time you ask for something and you don’t get it, know what it means? You don’t deserve it yet. So instead of bothering about how you ask first think about whether you deserve that thing you are asking for, that should be your emphasis first.

Make yourself deserving, and how can you do that?
Its only be getting better and doing better can you be deserving, You can only be deserving when you are able to handle more things, when you have developed yourself.

Study to show yourself approved. Your must continually strive to get better at what you do, Be deserving. Only then can you be worth of asking.

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