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I drove my wife to the hospital, we got to the maternity ward exactly 6:43am,left the children in the car, walked my wife to meet the nurse, only for the nurse to direct us to go look for my wife’s file as that was on Saturday, 7:08 still at the file room searching for the file, The baby was almost coming forth, I called on the attention of the nurses and my wife was wheeled into the labour room, exactly 7:28 am Saturday , I heard the cry of my last born, right there at the door I was filled with emotions cum excitements as tears of joy gushed out of my eyes uncontrollably.. God’s grace is sufficient, we’ve never witnessed any form of complications all through the pregnancies and delivery process of our three angels, I was so full of gratitude to God, yes I was happy..

After a while, I was called in, I moved straight to my wife, gave her a kiss and beheld our new gift from heaven, I took the wheel chair from the nurse and wheeled her to the ward, getting to ward I noticed presence of police men and women, at first I was curious, wondering what police officers numbering 4 or so could be doing in the labour ward, . I didn’t let that bother me because I had some running around to do, my wife just put to bed, I left to check on the children to inform them their brother is here, now coming back to the ward with the children, that was when I realised that the attention of the police men were directed to a particular lady on the bed with her new born baby, I whispered to my wife, “may be the woman is a wife of a top politician ” may be “she responded..

After about 5minutes some nurses walk in, “madam sit up and have your medicine” one of the nurses commanded the woman, as my eyes was glued to her directions, as she tried to sit up, I saw HANDCUFFS on her leg ,I tapped my sleeping wife, “My wife said to me..Honey I saw it when you went out, the woman is handcuffed!

Jeez, what could be the offense of of pregnant woman to have warranted 4 police officers guiding her on her bed after delivery and with handcuffs on her legs,? This question continued to run through my mind through out that evening, until I walked up to one of the police officer and asked him why would a nursing mother be subjected to such a treatment,..
“Oga this woman killed her mother last month and she has been in our station till last night we brought her here to deliver her baby, by tomorrow we are taking her and her new born baby back to custody… “the police officer’s response to me.

That lady I saw wasn’t mad, to say she killed her mom because of her mental health but it happened out of anger, always be reminded that only fools get angry at every little thing, that even Bible refer to such people as fools.

In life, we must realise:
We can never win all arguments!
We must never respond to all abuse towards us.
Fights has never solved any problem !
Dialogue is and will forever be better than coercion

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